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System Empires WIKI

System Empires is a web-based game. This means that the only tool you need to play is a web browser like Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Internet Explorer 7.

This game was created by a Portuguese team and has being developed since February 2006. Since then the game’s design has suffered several changes, you can check some of them in images of the game’s evolution.
On September the 22nd, 2007, the game was presented to the general public. There were over 2.500 registrations to the game on that day alone. Since then System Empires has experience several updates and improvements.


Here you can find the game’s manual, its history, tutorials, among other things.

The SE Team would like to express its gratitude for all the help provided by the SE community and hopes that this tool can be useful to both new and experienced players.

The SE WIKI has about 368 articles (186 in your language) and had registered 744.282 visitors!

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