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Vampzorba - résumé

  • Strategy MMO afficionado, has found in System Empires (SE) the sought quality for this type of entertainment.
  • Currently aims to assist the development of System Empires, the first portuguese enterprise on a high quality MMO.
  • Experience with SE started early in the game development, since beta 2, circa September 2006.
  • He is currently the main administrator of the "Free Empires Alliance [FEA]" (SE/FEA) (http://), one of SE's top alliances. He and his fellow allies at FEA follow the righteous but firm path to victory and are open to those with the same ideals.
  • He is also the provisional administrator of the "Free Empires Alliance REC" [FEAREC] (SE/FEAREC), a "sister" alliance for those less advanced in the game, providing an advanced learning ground and a "stepping stone" to obtain integration on the main alliance [FEA].

  • Highest ranking during the official game was 3rd place, after about 2 months of gameplay.
  • Highest single score update was over 400.000 pts
  • Most notable atacks were vs
- Redsoldier [REV] on 23/07/2008, with a gross profit of 63.8M and 217.8M of total destruction, [GR TOP 3] at the time.
- crazydude [-ab-] on 10/07/2009, with a staggering 1,485.5 M of total destruction, as well as a hefty 200 M total profit.

List of contributions to the game development:
  • Proposal of the later adopted game name "System Empires".
  • Detection and solving assistance on well over a dozen of major and minor "bugs".
  • Proposal for the creation of the modular "mothership", and it's design outline, largely adopted and awaiting implementation.
  • Proposal for the creation of the integrated chat system, now adopted.
  • Other user-friendliness related suggestions, mostly adopted.
  • Assistance on the translation of the game's wiki to the english language.

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