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  • The bunker is a very expensive building due to its location in the underground and consequent resistance.
  • This building is made to protect the resources and robots from enemy fleet attacks and natural disasters (prevents them from being stolen or destroyed).
  • Each development increases its capacity but only on level 8 or higher can it save nanites.
  • The Bunker works as a store where you can save economies and Robots.
  • Because his location, the bunker is resistant to any kind of danger.
  • The occupation with each economy and robots can be controlled in percentages in the Resources section.
  • This configuration is made by defining the importance of each economy and robots must have on the occupation of the bunker (same percentages mean same importance for the economy in question).
  • The storage of economy and robots is made automatically, only in case of danger (attacks or natural disasters), respecting the configuration of the user.
  • The robots cannot be stolen or destroyed by other players, so in case of attack the player doesn’t need to occupy space in the bunker with these units.
  • Each robot occupies the space of 2.000 units of economy.

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