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Nanites Factory

The nanites are the ultimate computational component. There are tiny machines with the size of nanometers, and when combined with each other can form large networks, like neural networks, giving a computational power and potential of artificial intelligence never seen before.

  • The production of Nanites is extremely expensive; it requires the use of Diamond and Zion, and energy.
  • This is the factory that produces the nanites, the ultimate computational component.
  • Each development increases the production of these components per hour, and the energy consumption of diamonds and zion.
  • The production can be controlled in percentages in the Resources section.
  • The player should be careful to keep a constant supply of Zion and Diamond to the factory maintain in operation.
  • It is advisable to develop a diamond mine and Zion factory in order to maintain a balance of diamonds and Zion positive
  • This resource will only be useful for a very advanced state of the empire, which will begin to be asked to build the best ships, and defenses and also some buildings from a certain level.
  • Units built with 5 or more nanites, normally have a system of selection of targets more intelligent than other units.

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