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Nuclear Power Plant

In this central, hydrogen atoms are accelerated and placed on a collision course. When the shock is given each of the proton nucleus is fused, and a large quantity of energy is released in the form of heat. This heat is converted into electricity and then added to the existing electricity grid.

  • This building, like the solar panels, is a producer of energy, but here the production is associated with the consumption of fuel, hydrogen.
  • Each development increases the production of energy per hour, but also increases the consumption of the hydrogen.
  • PCan be used to supplement the energy provided by solar panels, or even replace them, it generates large amounts of energy, although the cost of hydrogen.
  • The production can be controlled in percentages in the Resources section.
  • The player should be careful to keep a constant supply of hydrogen to the Central maintain in operation.
  • It is advisable to maintain the operation in the plant only minimum required for donít consume hydrogen in excess.
  • The nuclear power station can only take advantage from a particular way of play of the player, because it will consume much hydrogen and become very expensive quickly.
  • It will be more suitable for use as a generator of energy in the outer planets of the Solar System, especially the gas giants, because of its abundance of hydrogen.

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