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Solar Panels

  • Solar Panels are the main source of electric energy in regions.
  • The production of energy through this building doesn't cost resources because his source is the Sun.
  • They consist of a cluster of panels that capture energy from the sun and converts him into energy for the other buildings, is the basic mode of gathering energy.
  • Each development increases the area and efficiency of the panels, what increases the production of energy per hour
  • The energy production depends wich planet you are
  • The panels are placed on platforms that operate in a way that is always in the best position in relation to the Sun, to provide the greatest possible amount of solar energy.
  • The energy is then converted into electricity without the consumption of any recourse and distributed by the various buildings.
  • Hom much closer to the sun the planet where the panels are constructed is, bigger is the amount of energy collected by the panels.
  • So, the planets after Mars, the solar panels become useless because of the large distance to the Sun.
  • Exception is Venus, whose dense atmosphere prevents the sunrays to be recovered in the best way. As a result, the energy collected in Venus by solar panels is lower than that collected on Earth.

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