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Workshop Building

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  • Building where all types of Vehicles and terrestrial defenses are built.
  • This building is only available on Earth.
  • Each upgrade allows the construction of bigger size vehicles and decreases the time of construction of units in that region.
  • With the upgrade up to Level 6, this building permits to add 1 Vehicle to construction list.
  • For each 3 following levels the construction list adds 1 more unit.
  • So the construction list augments in the following levels: 6, 9, 12, 15, ...
  • Always that an unit is collocated under construction, directly or in list, its cost is immediately discounted from the region, thus:
  • The construction can not be cancelled, even when the unit is still waiting.
  • The economy of the units can not be stolen.
  • Vehicles and towers don’t combat ships or defences made in armament, only combat vehicles and other towers.

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