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To see the comet collision's probabilities on several planets please check: Observatory -> Properties

  • The collision of a comet is a natural disaster that can occur on several planets.

1. Creation Data

  • On average every 15 days (35 at Origins) a comet is created and one of 5 tends to pass beside the planet from which it approached.
  • The comets are defined by a destiny (planet and central zone), size, resistance and speed (that indicates the date of the collision).
  • The size can vary between a radius of 1 and 4, radius 1 means that it hits 9 zones (324 regions) and radius 4 means 81 zones (2.916 regions).
  • Restriction to the rule: No comet with a radius superior to 1 can affect more than 1/2 of the planet's zones.

2. Comet Detection

  • The comet is discovered by your observatory, so much earlier as the level of the building.
  • Formula:
48h + (observatory_level * 24h) -> Referring to the player's best observatory in the planet in question.
Worst case scenario: you only get information 48h prior to the collision

  • The comet can:
  • Pass beside the planet (not affecting you)
  • Collide with the planet but not in your regions (not the affecting you directly)
  • Collide with the planet and your regions (affecting you directly)
  • To know the exact destination of the comet the technology of communications comes in use.
  • Through waves is determined the position and direction of the comet.
  • Formula:
12h + (Square root[communication_technology_level] * 24h)
Worst case scenario: you only get information 12h prior to the collision.

  • After the detection of a comet it is possible to configure its visualisation.
  • In the Comet details you can hide the line that appears in General View, according to the available parameters.
  • Once the line is hidden and until the date of the chosen parameter, you will only accede to the comet details through the Comets Section (accessible through the Panel Section).

3. Comet Combat

  • In the comet combat 6 rounds exist (30, 20, 15, 10, 5 and 1 minute prior to the collision) in which only the PBW weapons present in the target zones fire.
  • The rounds are completely automatic and without any need of activation/player interaction.
  • In the first 5 rounds only the cannons (in the armament) that posses PBW power fire!
  • In the 1st round only who has communications technology level 15 or superior fires.
  • In the 2nd round only who has communications technology level 10 or superior fires.
  • To 6th and last round has a special characteristic:
  • The ships with PBW weapons, that are in the target zones, will also fire at the Comet.
  • Due to the approach of the Comet to the Planet the communications with the regions of that planet are lost and they only return after the foreseen date of collision.
  • During this period:
  • The areas of that planet are unavailable to the players.
  • The final result of each round is not known, that is, if the Comet was or was not destroyed.
  • If the comet was not destroyed after the 6 rounds it will collide with the Planet.
  • In short, the comet combat is made as "teams" where all the players that will be hit join firepower to destroy the Comet.

4. Damage

  • If the comet collides it will affect the regions of several zones. The central zone (the one that takes with the greater impact) will suffer bigger damages, the neighbour zones less and and so forth.
  • The damages in case of collision (for the affected zones) are:
  • Partial (or total) destruction of buildings (it depends on the diamond cost and the distance of them to the central zone)
  • The Bunker is the only building immune to the collision of a Comet
  • Partial (or total) destruction of defences (it depends on the diamond cost and the distance of them to the central zone)
  • Total destruction of solar satellites
  • Destruction of units under construction, this means total destruction of buildings, researches, ships and defences under construction.
  • Destruction of the robots at work (except those in the recycler) and of the ones that are not stored/saved inside the Bunker
  • Loss of debris and robots that exceed the recycler's limits after the collision
  • Loss of the economy present in the region that is not stored inside the Bunker
  • Loss of the economy reserved in the hangar and armament
  • In short:
  • 1) buildings and defences will be affected by the impact
  • 2) economy and robots that are not stored inside the Bunker will be destroyed
  • 3) everything that is in construction is destroyed
  • The ships are not affected
  • After the comet collision, all of the planet's regions are affected by the cloud of smoke. These damages are prolonged for 48h and they are:
  • Production of the Solar Panels decreases to 15%
  • Hydrogen production decreases to 33%

5. Combat Reports

  • After the combat with a comet a report is generated that presents the several details of the combat rounds.
  • In case the comet collides an individual report of damages is also generated.
  • This report details what was destroyed of the player and it is available for consultation for 10 days.
  • While it is available, the individual report, is incorporated in the main report.
  • The main reports of comets combat can be visualized in the collisions historic, available in the Comets Section.

6. Latest Hints

  • Configure the Bunker to store economy and Robots in the % that you want!
  • Before the 6th round send some ships with the resources and robots that are not saved in the Bunker!

7. Colonization Hints

  • In case you colonize more than one region out of Earth make it in distant areas. In case of comet collision you will not be directly affected in several regions.
  • Mainly in the Gaseous Planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune) you should colonize close to friends or members of your alliance. This way you will know more with what you can expect in case of a Comet collision.

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