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Section Empire

  • The Empire is a section where players can verify the general state of all their colonies with some detail level.

1. Interface and its constitution

  • Presently for each colony, it shows the following data:
  • Name of the colony (clicking on it, you can change the name);
  • Address of the colony (Region);
  • Colony resources:
  • Metal, Diamond, Hydrogen, Zion, Nanites;
  • Available energy / total generated;
  • Number of available robots / total existent;
  • Number of builted fields / total existent.

  • On each tab you can consult:
  • List of buildings and their respective levels;
  • List of technologies and their respective levels;
  • List of spaceships (Hangar), their types and the number of each one built.
  • List of Defences (Armament), their types and their numbers.
  • List of Vehicles / Towers (Workshop), their types and numbers.

2. Others Section

  • In this section you can consult:
  • The amount of new points that you have since the last server's update.
  • You productions per hour of each economy, in each colony and the total.
  • The economy now present in each colony and the total.
  • This section is only available to players with a payed service.

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