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Section: Messages

In this section you can see: new massages, read message, the messages you’ve sent and the alliance messages (if you are a member of an alliance).

1. Interface and its structure

  • Regardless of the category being viewed by the player, he can send both private and collective messages. Collective messages can only be sent by players that belong to an alliance.
  • In the first three categories the player has access to battle reports.

1.1 New

  • In this category all newly received messages are shown.
  • When the player accesses this category all the messages in it are marked as read.
  • If any interaction with the game is made by the player, apart from replying or reporting the message, all the messages will be moved to “Historic” or “Alliance”.
  • In every single message the player can:
  • Export the message to notes.
  • Reply to the message through the links with the other player’s nickname and image, both located on the header of the message.
  • Report the message if it contains improper (foul) language - see Game's Rules.
  • Remove the message, the message will disappear from “Historic”.
  • Access the profile of the player who sent the message – link below the avatar.
  • A table of message configuration is available for the players that acquire paid services. There the player can filter its messages: he can choose the messages he wants to see, while the rest remain hidden.

1.2 Historic

  • This is were all personal and system messages received by the player in the last 7 days are displayed.
  • At each personal message, the player can do the same actions he can on the "New" categeory.
  • For players that acquire a paid service, there is a message configuration table that displays how many messages are there of each type.
  • Clicking on the ammount number will show all messages of that type.
  • Clicking on the cross will remove all messages of that tipo.

1.3 Sent

  • In this category, all personal messages sent by the player in the last 7 days are displayed.
  • On each message there are two links, with the name of a player, through which one can:
  • Send another message to the same player - link at the header of the message.
  • Access the profile of the player who sent the message - link underneath the avatar.

1.4 Alliance

  • This category is only available for players that belong to an alliance.
  • Here you can see all the alliance messages of your alliance in the past 3 days.
  • If the alliance has a Platinum service, you will be able to see messages from the last 7 days.
  • At each message, a player can:
  • Export the messate to a note.
  • Reply to the message through the image in the header.
  • The reply will be an alliance message.
  • Access the profile of the player that sent the image, through the link underneath the avatar.

2. Types of Messages

In the New and Historic categories, messages displayed have one of the following types:

2.1 System

  • This kind of messages cannot be hidden.
  • It includes messages such as:
  • New colony ready.
  • Administration notices.

2.2 Personal

  • Messages sent by one player to another.

2.3 Attacks

  • Messages relating to attacks, combat reports and their outcome.

2.4 Spying

  • Messages relating to spying attempts made on you.

2.5 Fleet arrivals

  • The colonizer arrived at destination and started a new colony formation.
  • The colonizer arrived at destination, but it was already taken.
  • Fleet transfers between player colonies.
  • Delivery of economy of any transport.

2.6 Fleet return

  • Returning fleet after a transporation mission.
  • Returning fleet after a trade with the market.

2.7 Collect

  • Messages related to debris and wreckage harvesting of a certain zone.

2.8 Natural Disasters

  • Comet hit the planet and destroyed a preparation colony.
  • Comet was destroyed.
  • Comet hit the planet and damaged at least one zone of the player.
  • Comet made landfall but did not damage directly any zone of the player.
  • Comet missed the planeta.

3. Smilies

  • To complement or be more expressfull, you can use the Smilies available in the game.
  • In the options, you can choose whether or not you want to see smileys sent by other players on their messages.

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