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Planets Properties

To see the specifications of each planet, in the game, choose "Observatory" and then "Properties".

  • The table of the planets' properties indicates the specific characteristics that make each of planet of the Solar System unique.
  • Each planet is divided in number of Zones indicated. The number of regions of the planet is equal to 36 * number-of-zones (49 at Origins).
  • The address of planets' region has the following organization [Planet: Zone: Region].
  • Inflation is the influence that the different characteristics of each planet have in the values of production.
  • In the Market, the minimum profit is the minimum that the market retains in each exchange made with it.
  • Planets that have corrosion can damage the ships when they arrive or depart from any region.
  • Represents the time that the user has to wait until the colony is ready after the arrival of Colonization Ships.
  • This time decreases with the use of more Colonization Ships.
  • Each planet has its advantages and disadvantages, the strategy of the player is relevant to consider whether the planet is valuable or not.

1. Properties

1.1 Distance to the Sun

  • Represents the average distance between the planet and the sun, in millions of kilometers.
  • This distance is used to calculate the travel time between each planet.

1.2 Satellites' Production

  • Indicates each solar satellite energy production.
  • It is linked also with hourly output of energy of solar panels.

1.3 Likelihood of Natural Disasters

  • Indicates the likelihood of falling comets on the planet.

1.4 No. of Fields

  • Shows the number of fields, maximum and minimum, that each region can have when it is colonized.
  • Earth is the only planet that has a fixed number of fields in all its regions.

1.5 No. of Zones

  • Indicates the number of Zones of the planet.

1.6 No. of Regions

  • Indicates the number of regions of the planet, having in mind that each zone has 36 regions.

1.7 Inflation of Resources

  • Indicates the production of each economy related with the production on Earth.
  • Except for zion. Its production is related with Pluto.

1.8 Corrosion

  • Indicates which planets have a corrosive atmosphere.

1.9 Market

  • Indicates which planets have a market in its orbit, referring its profit and closing day.

1.10 Time of colonization

  • Represents the time that the user has to wait until the colony is ready, after the arrival of Colonization Ships.
  • This time refers to use of only 1 Colonization Ship and it decreases with the number of Colonization Ships sent to work at colonization.

1.11 Ideal Ratios

  • Ideal proportional value among resources.
  • This value is computed taking into account resources medium production cost in all planets.

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