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Section: Players

  • The players are the most important unit of the game.
  • Each player has the possibility to mark other players as friends or enemies.
  • By visiting the Observatory, the regions of the players that you mark as friends or enemies appear with different colours of the normal.
  • Friends - Dark Green
  • Enemies - Red
  • Normal - Blue

  • In this section, by default, you can see your profile.
  • You can also search any player by his full name or just by part of it.
  • To search for names beginning with "BR" enter "BR", if you want that the name contains "BR" (doesn’t need to be at the beginning) enter "@BR".
  • By proposing friendship to a player, he will receive an invitation (which can reject), if accepted you will be able to see when the member is active in the game.
  • Adding a player to enemies affects only the colour that you see in the player’s regions at the Observatory.
  • The functionality to look for visible regions makes an automatic search for player’s regions in areas that the Observatory reaches.

  • There are still four other subsections with information about players:

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