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Interplanetary Jump Gate

This article is still under construction!

1. Introduction

  • The Interplanetary Jump Gate is a service available from the Market to the players.
  • The Jump Gate haves the objective of:
  • Quick dislocation of units between regions of different planets;
  • Reduction of movement costs of high fleets.

2. Costs

  • Cost is not affected by distance between Planets.
  • Jump Portal costs is divided in two major areas:
  • Opening of the Jump Portal (Independent fixed value apart from the spaceship numbers);
  • Cost per spaceship.

2.1 Opening of the Jump Portal

  • It's opening have a fixed cost equivalent to 150 Nanites in credits, according to the ratio of the respective Market.
  • The first 9 levels of the Jump Gate Technology have a discount on its opening:
  • Level 1 - 90%;
  • Level 2 - 80%;
  • ...
  • Level 9 - 10%.

2.2 Cost per ship

  • Cost is presented in Credits and is fixed to all Markets.
  • Cost per ship depends of:
  • Size of spaceship to transport (small, medium, big or Titan);
  • Number of spaceships of that size that will be transported;
  • Quantas mais naves forem deslocadas mais baixo o custo por nave.
  • Jump Gate Technology gives 2% discount per level;
  • Hyperspace Technology gives 3% discount per level.
  • There is a maximum limit of 50% in all discount values.
  • With the civilizations, there is yet another discount applied on the resulting value.
  • You can find the value of that discount ingame on Panel -> Civilizations.

3. Limitations

  • After the using of the Portal, Market makes it unavailable for a limited period of time.
  • The initial waiting time between utilizations is 24h.
  • There is also a limitation relative to the size of ships to transport, depending on the Jump Gate Technology as follows:
  • Level 1: Allow transport of small size ships;
  • Level 4: Begins to allow also medium size ships;
  • Level 7: Begins to allow also big size ships;
  • Level 10: Begins to allow also titan ships;

4. Time of Travel

  • The time of travel is calculated as follows:
  • 1. Take-off of the ships (depends on type of motor of the ships)
  • 2. Travel to the Market (depends of type of ship and Motor Technology used by ship)
  • 3. Travel from the Market to region
  • The two first steps have a minimum time limit of1h.

5. Sending of Ships

  • The player access to Service by Section Market -> Services.
  • After configuring the ships that want to send is presented the value in Credits to pay.
  • This way the player can pay with any kind of resource.
  • The Ratio presented are refreshed at 00h each day.
  • During refresh, messages of negative Credits can appear to the players that are using the Portal at time, being necessary to configure again the data.
  • At this stage Portal doesn't allow movement of resources between colonies except for the ones used as payment to the Market.
  • The Profit of the Market in the using of Portal is of 30%.
  • Beside the value in Credits is presented also the consumption that ships will have to make until the origin Portal and from the destination Portal to the region.
  • The value of consumption haves to be payed in Hydrogen.
  • The chosen ships have to have the capacity of transport the payment resources plus the consumption fuel.
  • After the sending order this mission cannot be returned without completing the objective.

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