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Communications Technology

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  • This technology focuses on means of production, transmission, storage and protection of information and is essential for the development of advanced systems of monitoring and remote operations.
  • Essential technology for all communication systems.
  • From the most basic to more advanced, it is one of the most important technologies.
  • Its evolution increases the counterespionage possibility (interference and destruction of enemy probes).
  • More informations in Section Spy.
  • Its evolution also increases the degree of detail that the Observatory can provide about information upon the Comets that are approaching.
  • Its development also improves the speed at which the researches are propagated between colonies.

1. History

With increasing technological development, it becomes increasing the need of communication. They also become major sources of information and the need to transmit through all points of the Empire. This technology allows discovering new ways of obtaining information, as well as propagating and storing the same. It also allows capturing details of objects that are approaching the Empire.

2. Researches Propagation

  • The researches are propagated to other colonies through waves of communication.
  • The communications technology determines how long the researches take to be propagated.
  • The function that determines the time is logarithmic according to the distance to the target colony.
  • Linear increases of the distance are reflected in progressively smaller increases in the time of propagation.
  • Its formula is the following:

TIME = Square root [ (2 * Distance) / (10 * Research bonus) ]

  • "TIME" - the seconds that takes to spread the research;
  • "Distance" - the kilometres that the target colony is away;
  • "Research bonus" - the bonus given by the current level of research of communications.

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