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This page refers to a SE CIV edition that lasted 3 months from April 18th to July 18th 2009
and not to the newest SE CIV 1.0 edition!

1. List of Differences of CIV Edition

  • Production and Building 3x faster (including the Recycling process)
  • Rules
  • Using Proxies or any other means to hide the player's virtual identity is strictly forbidden and its use will be punished with a Permanent Ban with vacations.
  • Exceptions might be granted, when properly justified and approved by the administration.
  • Maximum vacation time reduced to 15 days followed by 11 inactive days before the account is removed.
  • Server (statistics) updates at 5:00 and 17:00 (5am and 5pm).
  • 7 newly created Planets.
  • Limit of 8 regions per player
  • Each zone has 36 regions (instead of the previous 49).
  • New Ideal Ratios
  • 1 Metal, 2 Diamond, 4 Hydrogen, 20 Zion, 4.500 Nanite
  • New Hyperspace characteristics
  • Reduction of 15% on the time of interplanetary travels of the previous level
  • Does not affect the consumption and therefore is no longer optional since it does not present any advantages
  • Lower Interplanetary Jump Gate's costs per ship
  • New Ranking System
  • Points are calculated using the ideal ratios price
  • List of points on the buildings/technologies/units descriptions
  • Level 0 stores 2.000 resources
  • Smaller capacity when compared with the normal edition and bigger compared to the Special Edition
  • Removal of the Bomber Ship
  • Debris that exceed your recycler's capacity only become available for new collection after a period between 2 and 12 hours.
  • Comets Fall
  • New defense destined to Comets destruction (it does not engage or is attacked by ships)
  • Frequency increased to 1 per week
  • Comet collision affects the Market (loss of economy)
  • Comet size can not directly affect more than half the Planet's zones
  • New Combat system:
  • In 1st round only the players with the Communications Technology at level 14 fire
  • The next rounds maintain as they were.
  • Price adjustment of some buildings, technologies, ships and armament.
  • Hangar slightly more expensive in Zion (from 3 to 10)
  • Ships and Cannons became more expensive in Zion and Nanites.
  • Heavy Cargo now has 100.000 of cargo capacity.
  • New ship and vehicle combat systems ( with minor differences)
  • Removal of the Robot minimum for the constructions outside the initial planet
  • Services prices specified specially for this edition.

2. New Functions

  • Joint Attacks - option of several players attack one region together
  • Joint Defenses - option of several players send their ships to defend a region together
  • Assisted Collections - option of delivering the debris to the market and distribute it to the players of the same alliance that were involved in the attack(s) that originated it.
  • Sensor (v0.5): allows you to detect certain fleets that have as origin or destination occupied regions in your Zone.
  • Units/Technologies exclusive to some civilizations:
  • Titan Ships: Zeus, Odin e Osiris
  • Ultra-PBW Cannon

The images should be interpreted as a representation of the final idea.

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