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System Empires Special - Differences to the normal edition

1. Differences

  • Production and Building 3x faster (including the Recycling process)
  • Rules
  • Using Proxies or any other means to hide the player's virtual identity is strictly forbidden and its use will be punished with a Permanent Ban with vacations.
  • Exceptions might be granted, when properly justified and approved by the administration.
  • Maximum vacation time reduced to 15 days followed by 11 inactive days before the account is removed.
  • Server (statistics) updates at 5:00 and 17:00 (5am and 5pm).
  • Planets
  • Smaller number of zones.
  • Each zone has 36 regions (instead of the previous 49).
  • All Earth regions have 150 fields.
  • Bunker
  • Level 0 saves up to 2.000 Resources.
  • Levels above have a lower growing rate.
  • Units
  • New defense weapon Ultra PBW Cannon - used to fight gigantic ships
  • Bomber removed.
  • Market
  • Ratio limits removed.
  • Higher Market Profit.
  • Closing day, now depends on the market.
  • Services prices specified specially for this edition.

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