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Sending of Espionage Probes

This article is still under construction!

The sending of probes/vehicles of espionage is made in a sub-section of Section Spy named "Send".

  • In this section it is possible to order to spy regions manually.
  • There are 2 methods of espionage, each one utilizes substantially different ways and cannot be used in simultaneous:
  • By vehicles and by spaceships (probes).
  • Vehicles or probes can be sent to spy any region.
  • But data from regions that belong to players with protection "Strong", "Weak" and "Vacations" will not be accessible.
  • In the case of the vehicles there are no advantages in sending several, a time that the factor key is the espionage level.
  • In the case of the spaceships there are 3 important components:
  • The number of probes, the level of technology of espionage and communications (between the spy and the spied).

Interface and its constitution:

  • Selection of the type of espionage to use: Vehicles or Probes.
  • Address to spy and control of speed:
  • Number of the Planet (it is not possible to send vehicles nor probes to spy other planets - therefore the planet is where if finds the sight of the player);
  • Number of the zone;
  • Number of the region;
  • Percentage of speed, selectable in steps of 10% or in detail, clicking in the asterisk.
  • Number of probes/vehicles to send, followed of an indication and option of the maximum to send, as well as the available and total capacity of transport;
  • In the case of the vehicles, you can send at most 1.
  • Indication of the total distance to travel and necessary fuel;
  • Duration of the going trip and time of arrival at the destination;
  • Button to confirm the sent;
  • Board of configuration of the espionage options (clicking on it, it expands for configuration).

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