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Section Attack Reports

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Whenever exists an attack between players is generated a report of the same for each intervening:
  • In this section you can visualize the last 30 combat reports that involved you.
  • If the player possesses a paid service, he can also visualize all the attacks of the last 120h (5 days);
  • Otherwise can view all the attacks of the last 48 hours.
  • The reports with more than 35 days are automatically removed from the section.
  • The I that may appear in the heading of the reports identifies that the attacked player was inactive at the moment of the attack.
  • There are two types of attack, red sword where the player is the attacker and green sword where the player is the defender.
  • The image in the first column allows to access to the report of the combat and indicates if it is an attack of vehicles or ships.
  • When the image is in gray means that the report cannot be visualized.
  • The "R" column indicates the result of combat, (V)ictory, (D)efeat or (D)raw.
  • The date is presented as follows: day - hours:minutes. If the attack occurred in less than 24 hours the date appears in blue.
  • The statistics only show data referring to individual attacks made by the player in the last 24h to 120h.

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