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Spy Vehicle

  • Vehicle used to spy neighbourly regions.
  • If discovered during it's mission it can be destroyed.
  • If so all of it's gathered information is lost.
  • It is a ground vehicle and, therefore, it can only be built on planet Earth.


In the beginning of the first attacks, in the attempt to destroy something and gain some profit from it, several times convoys of vehicles are sent to attack colonies which constitution was unknown. Several times these convoys returned from battle heavily debilitated and with heavy loses. Some times, nothing returned and no information to what happened was obtained.

With the objective of avoiding these so called "blinded" missions, it was necessary to develop a spying vehicle with monitoring capabilities and, above all, stealth abilities so that they weren't detected by adversary Empires. Thus the Spy Vehicle was created with different characteristics from any other vehicle.

It is a extremely small and fast vehicle, which makes it's detection difficult and a very fast gatherer of information about the regions to attack. On the other hand it is a very fragile vehicle, being completely destroyed in any combat situation.

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