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Ulysses Tower

  • This unit allows a more efficient defence, sacrificing mobility for firepower.
  • It is the only defence unit not built at the Armament and the only one that protects the colony against vehicle attacks.
  • Keep in mind that it does not protect the colony against airborne attacks.
  • Presents the ability to shoot at several targets for each combat round.


Suffering constant attacks and lacking any mean of retaliation, certain Empires found themselves in the need of developing a more efficient defence other than their War Vehicles that kept being destroyed.
They were able to develop a Tower with fire power superior to any vehicle and capable of engaging several targets at the same time. To those Emperors absorbed with internal concerns and with no time to worry about retaliations, this is the ideal unit, which, deprived of mobility and cargo capacity, presents a greater fire power and resistance than most of the vehicles being, therefore, a efficient defence.

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