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Addressing Concepts

1. Addresses

  • The addresses are the "dwellings" of the game. Are the sites to where the player can dislocate.
  • In this game, the set of addresses constitutes the 8 planets of our Solar System.
  • Each planet, consonant its size, is divided in zones, some with more, some with less.
  • Each zone of any planet has 36 regions to be colonized.
  • Therefore each region is identified by a unique address [Planet:Zone:Region].

1.1 Comparison

  • [Planet:Zone:Region] identic to [Planet:Continent:Country]
  • In this case each Continent has 36 Countries and there are many in each Planet.

1.2 Example

  • The Earth is the third planet of our Solar System.
  • The Earth has 190 zones.
  • Let us remember that each zone has 36 regions.

In this case the Earth has 190 * 36 = 6.840 regions to be colonized
To identify the fifth region of the twelfth zone of the Earth we use the address: [3:12:5].

2. Colonies

  • Each player starts with a colony in a region of the Earth.
  • To evolve in the game, the player has to construct buildings in the colony and evolve them.
  • Later, the player can develop technologies and construct ships.
  • The construction and development of buildings goes occupying space (fields) in a colony.
  • The maximum number of fields available in a colony depends of the planet where the region is.
  • To expand his empire the player will colonize new regions, in the Earth or another planet in the Solar System.
  • A user can have, at most, 11 colonies / regions scattered by all planets. However, on Earth there is a limit of 3.

3. Travels

The travels are divided in 2 categories:
  • Intra-Planetary Travels inside the same planet;
  • Inter-Planetary Travels from one planet to another.

The methods of displacement are divided in 3 categories:
  • Ground - Vehicles - units that only exist on Earth in the Workshop.
  • Combustion - ideal for intra travels - used by short range ships;
  • Fusion - ideal for inter travels - used by long range ships.

All the spaceships can still have the possibility to usufruct of the hyperspace technology. With this technology the spaceships can give "jumps" between distant points in the space, thus reducing the time of the interplanetary travels. Each jump can cover a certain distance until a maximum, which can only be increased by the evolution of the technology.

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