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Base Concepts

The most important concept in this game is that of Economies, also known as Resources. It is with economies that you build your empire and increase your score. Without economies, there is nothing you can do.

All economies are produced by a certain building, at the expense of other economies. When you start the game, a base economy is provided, so that you may start the development of your empire. You may obtain additional details on the economy by further reading of the Game Introduction.

The second most important concept is Location - Address or Coordinates. There are plenty of other players struggling to develop their own empire. Certainly you shall have neighbours that will want you as their ally or want to destroy you. Still yet, in the Game Introduction you will have the chance to learn more about the address system used in the game.

Another important concept is that of Colony or Region. The game is set in our Solar System and you, as well as all the other players, start with a region on Earth. To develop your empire, you will need to expand to other territories, colonizing new regions, first on Earth and then in other planets.

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