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See also Armament Factory!

  • Building where you can create bombs and defences.
  • Defences include weapons and shields to protect the region from enemy attacks.
  • Each defence has different characteristics, for a description click on its image.
  • Certain defences have requirements that need to be met in order to be built (to know these requirements, see the List of Requirements).
  • This building has a construction list which you can add or remove sets of defences.
  • All defences can be removed from the list without loss of economy, except the one being built.
  • Removing the defence which is being built, causes the loss of the economy referent to the percentage already built, losing a minimum of 10%.
  • Removing the set of defences that contain the defence being built, means that all defences are removed except the one being built.
  • The economy is deducted when the defences are added to the list, but this is only reserved and it can be stolen.
  • The player can always see the economy reserved in Armament Factory.
  • The upgrade of the Armament Factory, decreases the time of construction of defences in that region.
  • The defences made in Armament Factory do not engage vehicles, only spaceships.

  • The units in this section are mainly cannons, however there are two units that only offer passive protection - Shields

List of Arms

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