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System Empires is proud to be one of the first web games to distribute prizes among it's players.

The presented images are merely illustrative.

1. General Conditions

  • This is not a contest and the prizes will be drawn by the administration team through a code script at the administration panel.
  • If you disagree with these conditions, you must clarify this immediately in order to be excluded from the list of candidates to the prize.
  • Prize winners will be responsible for picking up the prizes (or payment of any shipping costs).
  • If the winner does not live in Portugal or if there is preference prizes can be monetary with a value of 66% of the prize.
  • The same player can not win more than one prize.

1.1 Laptop (netbook)

  • To be drawn at the end of the first 6 months.
  • Only active players with Gold or Silver services for more than 2 months will be considered for the draw (the time of consecutive services is summed up).

1.2 PS3

  • To be drawn if there are more than 1.000 active players.
  • Only active players registed for more than 1 month and with more than 50.000 points will be considered for this condition.
  • The drawn will take place between 3 and 6 months of game, as soon as the previous conditions are met.
  • If the game reaches the total of 2.500 players, in the given conditions and in the same period of time, another PS3 will be awarded.

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