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Section Buildings

  • There are several types of buildings, some of such are the economy producers.
  • To see a detailed description of a building click on its image.
  • All builings can evolve to an infinite level.
  • Each level their evolution becomes more expensive and takes longer, but it also increases the builing's effect and benefict to the player.
  • It is possible to evolve several buildings at the same time - Multi-construction.
  • It is possible to cancel a building's evolutio, although there will be a loss of economy corresponding the percentage already built, and always no less than 10% the original cost.
  • Certain buildings have some requirements to be met before they can be built (to see those requirements, you can look at the Requirements List).
  • Robots speed up builing construction time.
  • Note that from a certain level, all builings have a minimum ammount of robots to help building them.
  • We recommend you start yor evolution with the economy producing buildings.

1. Interface and composition of the section Buildings

  • At the top of the page, there is displayed the current economy of the currect region.
  • By default the help section is displayed.
  • If any building is minimized, there is also a row with the icons of all minimized buildings.
  • Hover the mouse on any icon to see the name of the building.
  • Click an icon to maximize that building.
  • Table listing all buildings, each cell is composed by:
  • Title, click it and you will see the description of that building;
  • It has the name and level of the building;
  • Icon to minimize the building;
  • Image of the building, click it to also see the description;
  • Indication of current evolutio (explained below in "Level Evolution");
  • Cost of the building;
  • Ammount of robots to allocate in the building's evolution ("max" option is used to quickly allocate all available robots in its evolution);
  • Time of evolution/regression (construction/demolition);
  • If the building is under construction/demolition, the finishing date and time is displayed (using both the server time and the local time):
  • Green if it is an evolution or construction;
  • Red if it is a regression or demolition.

1.1 Level Evolution

  • Hovering the mouse on top of the option "Upgrate do level X", some information will be visible, depending on some cases:
  • If the building cannot be upgraded/built, the reasons for such are displayed;
  • If it can be upgraded/built, some summarized properties will be displayed (as in the economy producing buildings).
  • Clicking the option "Upgrade to level X" on any building will start, if possible, the upgrade/evolution/construction of a new level of that building.
  • This is used to increase the building's effect.
  • Each evolution has a certain price that will be deducted from the economy of the player's region.
  • Each evolution will use one field in that region. If all fields are used, it will not be possible to evolve any level of any building on that region.
  • During the evolution of any building, the upgrade option becomes a cancel option.
  • When an evolution is canceled, only the unused resources (economy) are returned.
  • The lost resources are calculated according to how long the evolution started. So:
  • The percentage of lost resources matches the percentage of time elapsed, with a minimum of 10% loss.

1.2 Robots

  • Robots, which can be made in the Hangar accelerate buildings' construction.
  • All buildings have a minimum number of robots required for construction (can be 0), that mininum is calculated according to the cost of the building.
  • When a player starts an building evolution, he can choose the number of robots allocated (equal or greater than the minimum). The allocated robots will be unavailable during construction/evolution of the building, and will be available after construction has been finished or canceled.

1.3 Level Demolition

  • Each planet has a minimum and maximum number of fields per region - see Planets Properties - this corresponds to the ammount of usable space/room available for construction.
  • When all fields are occupied, it will not be possible to evolve buildings.
  • If the player wishes, he can demolish any building's level, freeing one field.
  • To performe a demolition, no resources are needed, only a set ammount of robots (calculated the same way as for the level evolution).
  • To demolish any given building, click on its image and on the bottom of the next page insert the number of robots you wish to allocate to the demolition operation and then click "Demolish".

2. Multi-Construction

  • This concept refers to the fact of being possible to build several buildings at the same time, so long as the required resources and robots are available.
  • With this system, overall building evolution is faster when the economic means are available.
  • Take caution, careless use of this system will cause a rapid decline of economic means and may prevent evolution of more important buildings (specially at the start of the game!).

3. Lists of Buildings

3.1 Economy Producing Buildings

3.2 Other Buildings

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