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  • For any mission its necessary a valid destiny address, different from the region you are in.
  • Note that you can only send vehicles or ships and never a mix of Vehicles and ships simultaneously.
  • In Transport Mission you can deliver resources to an address of destiny, where the fleet returns to the Region of origin or other specified by the player as long as he owns it.
  • In Transfer Mission you can deliver resources and ships to an address of destiny.
  • In Colonization Mission:
  • Requires at least one ship or vehicle of colonization that, arriving to destiny address its used to prepare the terrain to colonization.
  • Each planet haves different properties, that makes it easier or difficults the colonization process. If you want to accelerate the process you can send more colonization ships.
  • The Ship/Vehicle of colonization always includ one robot (besides of some economy) that when the ship is used to colonize stays available in the new colony. Beside of that its possible to transport more resources and robots in the ship!
  • The Colonization ship allows to search for free regions near the one chosen for colonization, in case the first is already occupied. For that select the option "Search regions near the indicated place".
  • There exists a limit of 3 Regions on Earth and 11 total that a player can own.
  • In Attack Mission:
  • In the lauching of attacks you can select the type of steal to make:
  • Percentual (steals a little of all resources available)
  • Valuable (steals the most valuables resources available), to a maximum of 50%.
  • To have earlier information of attacks towards your colonies, you should evolve the Observatory.

  • This section allows also a mode to quick send of your fleet.

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