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The year is 2100. The Earth is immersed in anarchy, the result of many decades of war that started in the mid of the 21st century, due to the lack of resources. These wars devastated much of the planet's population. With the death of the supreme rulers of the most important nations, the purpose of wars shifted from controlling the most precious resources to obtaining the basic resources for survival.

Some nations were able to recover part of their scientific communities and, when they resumed their activities, they made the terrifying discovery that something wrong is going on at the edge of the Solar System. Disturbances in that area are making waves of comets get closer, having already been detected an abnormal number of comets approaching the Sun.

It is estimated that within a few months, comets will start passing by the interior planets of the Solar System and that it is just a matter of time until they begin to strike their ground. They foresee that the Earth itself is not in danger; however, the anarchic chaos continues to threaten mankind.

A new era is beginning, one where the habitable space is scarce, with people fighting among each other for survival. It is imperative to leave the planet and expand Humanity to new worlds.

Groups forming from the remnants of nations become progressively stronger as people are recruited to their ranks on the promise of better living conditions. As they grow, they become small Empires, in constant guerrilla with their neighbours.

Perhaps, only the unity and cooperation between Empires may assure the survival in the new worlds in face of the threat posed by the approaching space travelers... Will it?

The salvation of your Empire is now in your hands. The Earth's resources are becoming depleted and daily confrontation occurs with other Empires. Destruction is near. The technology race has begun. The quest for salvation is great but only the best shall survive!

You, alone, as a dictator, facing everything and everyone with an iron fist on the Solar System; or in cooperation, as a diplomat, uniting everyone to face together the incoming threat, make your choice!

Are you up to the challenge?

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