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Market: Services

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  • The Market not only serves as a trading platform, it also provides a variety of services.
  • These services aim to help players that do not yet have the means to perform certain actions.
  • On this section, the player can see what services are provided by the Market.
  • Every service provided by the Market has an inherit cost.

Provided Services

View the list of regions of a zone

  • View list of regions is used to see the regions of any zone, on any planet that has a Market.
  • Payment is done at the time of service usage and is done solely on Hydrogen units.
  • Price of each visualization depends on the planet where the service is requested and on the planet where the target zone is.
  • The longer the distance, the higher the visualization cost.
  • The minimum price is 50 H and only applies when visualizing zones on the same planet where the request is made.
  • Just like in the Observatory, in this service there are also letters linked to a player, but only 3:
  • V - Player on Vacations, cannot be attacked or spied by anyone.
  • I - Inactive player, has no system protection, can be attacked unrestrictedly.
  • B - Player banned the the system/administration, has a normal status.

Interplanetary Jumpg Gte

  • The Interplanetary Jump Gate service aims to quickly displace units between different planets, reducing displacement costs of large fleets.

Assisted Collect

  • Assisted collects is a service provided by a Market that allows:
  • Players to deliver collected debris at the market.
  • After delivered the debris can be divided by the alliance players that participated in the war.
  • Any player, even without alliance, can use this service.

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