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Section: Laboratory

See also Laboratory Building!

  • The laboratory is the local where the user can evolve technologies.
  • Each technology has its objective, for example the evolution of the Materials Technology reduces the price of the buildings, the evolution of the Energy Technology makes the production of energy more efficient
  • To obtain a detailed description of each technology click in the respective image.
  • All the technologies can evolve infinitely.
  • At each level its evolution becomes more expensive and longer, but brings more benefits to the user.
  • It is possible to cancel the evolution of a technology, however it is lost the economy referring to the percentage already researched, losing always a minimum of 10%.
  • Certain technologies have requirements that have to be satisfied, so that they can be researched (to know the requirements you can see the List of Requirements).
  • The evolution of the laboratory in the buildings section, diminishes the time of evolution of the technologies of the region in question.
  • At each moment it is possible to evolve, at most, one technology by laboratory (that is, as many evolutions as the number of regions with laboratory).
  • Always that a research is finished in a given region, it is propagated to the remain colonies, of a temporally increasing form, from the most close to the most away.
  • This propagation uses the Communications Technology.
  • The time of an evolution depends of the number of involved laboratories in the evolution and in the distance between them.
  • A joint evolution needs the Communications Technology and two or more laboratories with level 10.
  • To join the laboratories in an evolution click in the image of the technology to evolve and follow the instructions.

List of Technologies

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