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SE Rules

See also the Game's Terms and Conditions, as well as the Terms of Service !

Additional Rules for System Empires CIV 1.0

1. Weekly Rest

  • Weekly rest is a certain amount of time each account has to be in rest (offline).
  • Each account in the game has to have a weekly minimum resting time of 40 hours.
  • This resting time is "taxed" at every Saturday at 05:00.
  • The time of one week does not stack to the next.
  • Only inactivity periods longer than 2h are "taxed" onto the total resting time.
  • An offline period of 1h 55mins will not be accounted and will not reduce the resting time left.
  • An offline period of 2h 05mins will be fully accounted, reducing the resting time left in 2h 05mins.
  • Whenever the resting time missing is greater than or equal to the remaining time until next Saturday, 05:00, the access to the game will be blocked.
  • If an account is left unprotected and has its access blocked due to this rule, the responsibility of the account's status after Saturday 05h00 is applicable only and uniquely to that account's owner.
  • It is possible to see the resting time already elapsed and the one missing in 3 screens:
  • When logging in, if the percentage* is greater than or equal to 50% and less than 70%.
  • In the Overview, if the percentage* is greater than or equal to 70% or there are less than 24h left to Saturday 05h00 and there is still resting time missing.
  • In the Panel Section, always available.

* The percentage is a result of the following calculation:
(resting time missing / time left to Saturday 05h00) * 100

2. Planned Changes

  • Access/IP sharing between players will be public and allowed to see to all other players.
  • The list is available on the profile of each player, Players Section.
  • One-time shared IPs will not be considered as sharing.
  • Attacks on players of the same alliance will be prevented by the system, at the moment of combat.
  • This rule also applies for a period of 5 days for any player that leaves or is expelled from an alliance.
  • The verification for sharing is performed automatically by the system at the instant of the combat, preventing it from occurring if need be.
  • If any sharing is detected, fleets will travel all the way to the target and return, only the attack will be prevented.
  • Conditions that prevent the attack:
  • Attacking targets that are directly on the shared list of the attacker.
  • Attacking targets that were attacked by any player that is currently in the shared list of the attacker.

  • The changes stated here are under planning and until they are released, players must conform to the rules stated below.
  • The acceptance, upon registration, of the rules for SE CIV 1.0 edition, implies the acceptance of the planned rules stated above.

The rules to comply while playing System Empires's are the following:
(In effect since the version 0.74)

3. Names

It is strictly forbidden the use of messages, colony or player nicknames, alliance names or texts that include the following:
  • Advertisement or link to browsergames not owned by ExtremeCoding;
  • Incitement to racism, xenophobia, terrorism or ethnic intolerance;
  • Incitement to political or religious groups of any kind;
  • Game coordinates or personal data of other players.
  • This last case has the exception of being allowed in messages.

It is allowed the use of names of personalities, party or religious ideologies, since it is just and only the name.

It is not allowed to make use of complex names resulting of the addition of ‘pro’ or ‘con’ statements or words, to a name. This is the case of associating words such as "Rules", "Die", "Anti", among others, to a name.

  • To denounce infractions the player should use the reporting mechanisms described in the bottom of this page.

  • In case some of these points are disobeyed, the sanctions will be the following:
  • 1st time -> Name change/language moderation warning.
  • If the warning is ignored in a period of 24h, the infraction will be considered as the 2nd time.
  • 2nd time -> 1 day ban with vacations.
  • 3rd time -> 3 days ban without vacations.
  • 4th time -> permanent ban without vacations.
  • In case of multiple violations it falls to the administration to choose the punishment to apply according to the severity and to other violations cumulative effect.
  • Whenever a BAN be applied, the administration will alter the name in question to a valid one.
  • In the case of players' names, and since they can just be changed in 7 days periods, the player who committed the infraction should communicate to the administration the new intended nickname.
  • In the case that the contents are directed to the game itself or to the Administration with the intention of insulting / defame, the player will be warned for a first time so the contents be changed. In case the warning is ignored in a 24 hours time, a permanent BAN without vacations will be applied.
  • Relapsing of the same behaviour will lead to a permanent BAN without vacations.

4. Insults / Inappropriate Language / Insinuations

The following situations are strictly forbidden and they will lead to BAN:
  • Inappropriate language (cuss words, obscenities, abbreviated or not);
  • Insults directed to other players (abbreviated or not);
  • Direct / serious insinuations / groundless accusations to other players;
Provocations that can be considered some of the cases above will also have the same treatment.

  • The punishments with BAN for the situations above described are the following:
  • 1st time -> 1 day ban with vacations.
  • 2nd time -> 3 days ban without vacations.
  • 3rd time -> 7 days ban without vacations.
  • 4th time -> permanent ban without vacations.
  • In case of multiple violations it falls to the administration to choose the punishment to apply according to the severity and to other violations cumulative effect.

In case a player suspects that another uses cheats or other illicit means in the game, the player should communicate this to the Administration, justifying and basing the suspicion properly with all of the possible information and not defame / accuse others without display of proofs.
  • To denounce infractions the player should use the report mechanisms described on the bottom of this page.

In case of account creation only for the purpose of insults / insinuations, the account will be banned permanently without vacations and the player that created it will also be banned without vacations and for period of time according to the severity and cumulative effect of the insults / insinuations.

Cases of insinuations or "mild" provocations can lead to a warning.
This rule is applied to players' names, regions and alliances, as well as any type of messages and texts of alliances.

In the case of messages, the Administration only has access to those that are reported and not to the whole sequence of messages exchanged between the players. Therefore the Administration cannot be blamed by just sanctioning one of the intervening parts of the conversation when just one player makes the accusations.

In the case that the contents are directed to the game itself or to the Administration with the intention of insulting / defame / insinuate without proofs, the player in question will be banned permanently and without vacations.

5. Accounts

  • A player can only have one account.
  • It is forbidden for a player to possess more than one account.
  • Players with more than one account will have all the involved accounts permanently banned.
  • These cases are known as multi-account.
  • Each account can only have one owner, with him being the only player who uses it.
  • Accounts that are used by several players will be banned permanently.
  • These cases are known as shared-account.
  • Exceptions to these cases are the accounts for recruit alliances' administration and the account "sitting", explained below.
  • All the accounts should be validated through the email.
  • Temporary emails (and services that supply them) are not allowed, possibly leading to a permanent ban.

5.1 Recruit Alliances' Administration

  • A player is allowed to have a second account, just in the case that it is destined to administer a recruit alliance of the player's main alliance.
  • This administration account cannot have more than 0 points.
  • The player that possess this account should be a member of the recruit's main alliance.
  • Notice that the Observatory will only be available after the 5 points stage, and can not be used by the account.
  • Any other situations that violate these 2 points, can be interpreted as multi-account, leading to a BAN.

5.2 Sitting

  • When the owner of the account cannot access it due to something unexpected, in case of emergency the player can ask somebody to take care of the account temporarily.
  • A sitting detection and specification system will be developed for a better control of the game.
  • Until then, to who is the sitting the account, the following is not allowed:
  • Launching fleets in mission to attack other players or to collect debris.
  • Activity in the account for a long period of time (superior to 1 hour).
  • These actions can lead to a permanent BAN.
  • Evident cases of excessive sittings will lead to a permanent BAN to the involved accounts.
  • For excessive sittings you should understand:
  • Several logins of the sitter(s) in few minutes (that is, in less than 30 minutes, more than a person logs in);
  • Logins of the sitter(s) several times a week (that is, more than 3 logins per week);
  • Logins of the sitter(s) that last several hours to leave the account (that is, more than 1 hour).
  • We recall that the sitting should just be used in emergency situations.
  • Accounts on vacations that are accessed with the intention of removing the inactivity (removal and placement on vacations) do not need to provide any information to the Administration, provided that no other action in the account has been made except for the removal and placement on vacations.
  • All these rules are applied to the sit account.

5.3 Multiple accounts with the same IPs

  • In case it is verified in several accounts with the same IP any violation to the points described immediately above, it can result in a permanent BAN to all the accounts.
  • It is expressly forbidden any direct or indirect interaction between accounts that shared the same IP in the last 35 days.
[* *] These interactions include attacks to the same objectives of accounts in share, generation of debris by one account and collection by another.
  • However exceptions exist:
[* *] When more than 5 accounts associated to an IP exist, one of the players can report the IP as being a public place, requesting that it is ignored for share purposes.
  • To report an IP as being of a public place, the player should use the report mechanisms described on the bottom of this page.
  • Situations of sporadic shares of IPs of places recognized as public or of cellphone access, as well as interactions spaced in time (more than 7 days after shares) can possibly be tolerated.
  • Other situations where interactions happen very spaced in time (more than 15 days after shares) can possibly be tolerated.

5.4 Other considerations

  • The deliberate favouring of other accounts, either through wreckage (suicide attacks for the defender to collect), or through deliberately permitting continuous attacks, is expressly forbidden.
  • The robbery and hacking of accounts is expressly forbidden, being each player responsible for the account and for taking the necessary precautions to maintain it safe.
  • However, in case a player considers that the email registered as permanent stopped being safe, the player can request the administration (through in game request or PM in the Forum) to alter the permanent email, only as urgent measure.
  • The player must avoid this situation to the maximum because there are no warranties as for the readiness of the administration to deal immediately with these situations.

  • In any case of infraction described above, the applied sanction will be permanent Ban with vacations.
  • Exception made with accounts created just for insults / insinuations, in which the sanction is described in point 2.
  • Exception also made in cases of Sitting in which the sanction will vary according to the severity of the excessive sittings.
  • Situations in that evident excessive sittings leaded to combats with appreciable number of losses (attacks or ninjas), can be sanctioned with a BAN without vacations.
  • Any other situations will be sanctioned with a BAN with vacations.
  • The situations here described correspond only to the most common cases.
  • The Administration reserves the right to decide how to act and to evaluate each single case, diverging from these general rules.

6. Scripts

  • The use of any kind of script, programs or add-on that runs on the game and that can mimic somehow the player's actions is expressly forbidden.
  • The exception to this rule is the script that the player Carapuca developed which reads the data of the Observatory and sends it to the SystemTool (note: this script is legal as long as the visits to the Observatory and change of Zone are made manually).
  • The use of any script, programs or automatic add-on leads to a permanent BAN without vacations.
  • To denounce infractions the player must use the report mechanisms described in the bottom of this page.

7. Bugs / Game problems

  • Situations that cause that the rules or logic of the game are clearly violated, are typically bug situations (more than 3 consecutive attacks to the same player's region, resources or units multiplication, etc).
  • The use of bugs (bug using), interfering with the game engine or use of programming mistakes, whatever the situation, is not allowed.
  • Situations in which it is verified the constant and deliberate practice of bug using (for instance, the cases above described) or use of programming mistakes, can result in the involved players' BAN.
  • When a player suspects of the occurrence of bugs, the player should consult the forum and manual, search if the situation is in fact bug related or not, and, being a bug, to report it to the administrators through the mechanism inside the game (described in the bottom of this page).
  • To denounce infractions the player should also use the report mechanisms described in the bottom of this page.

  • The Administration reserves the right to decide which the sanction to apply, according to the severity of the accomplished bug using and/or the intention of the bug using.
  • Cases in that the bug user causes little or no interference in the game can be ignored.
  • Cases more severe in which the bug user is the only directly affected can lead to the annulment of some of the player units.
  • Cases in which the bug user causes serious interference with the game and affects other players directly, can lead to a permanent ban without vacations.

  • Exception situations exist in which the bug using practice cannot be punished:
  • More than 50% of the players used the bug, therefore not being perceptible if there was profiting of any of them.
  • There is no possible useful rectification of the effect of the bug, either by lack of data or because its investigation would take several days, leading to a freezing of the state of the game for equal period.

8. Server

  • It is considered that in normal operation conditions, the server can be down / unavailable for 8 hours per month.
  • For total periods per month inferior to this time, the players do not have any complaint right.
  • It is also considered that in normal operation conditions, the server can have some delay in the answer to the requests in periods of larger affluence of players (game beginning, morning and late afternoon period, game updates period, etc.).
  • Everyday, around 4:30 am., a backup of all the game information is made, with a safety block, what will lead to the stop of the server for some seconds, but never over 1 minute.
  • In perfect conditions it is expected that the server is down / unavailable for a period inferior to 2 hours per month.
  • If a serious problem occurs (server damage or loss) a backup will be uploaded with the data of at the most 30 hours prior to the problem, not being possible to return to more recent states and consequently does not enables the players the reimbursement right.
  • Typically in periods (usually several hours) in which the server has serious problems that incapacitate the normal unfolding of the game, it is placed in a pause state, being the damaged players rewarded of what they lost due to the unavailability of the server.

9. Attack Limits

  • If the defender is inactive no type of limit of attacks exist.
  • If the defender has 20.000 points or less 3 attacks in total per 24h are allowed.
  • If the defender has more than 20.000 points 3 attacks to each region per 24h are allowed.
  • These limits are applied to each attacker.
  • These rules are verified by the game at the moment of the attack, in case any rule is violated the attacking fleet returns not completing the mission.

10. Protections

  • A player can start an account at any given time of the game, even in a later time where players will be much more developed.
  • To give time for the player to adjust and learn the game, a protection mechanism was created for new players.
  • This protection currently is only valid for players with less than 20.000 points (since they are active) and it is the following:
  • The player can only attack/be attacked between [3x minus, 3x more] points, this means, if the player has 1.000 points can attack and be attacked by players between [334, 3.000] points.
  • The only exception to this rule is when the player has less than 12 points, where nobody below this punctuation can attack or be attacked (identified by a P in the observatory).
  • All these verifications are made at the arrival of the attack to the destiny region, in case some rule is violated the attacking fleet returns without accomplishing the attack.[/ BLUE]
  • [BLUE]To know if the attack should take place you can see at the Observatory (or search for the defender's nickname) if this player has or not statute of Protected / Novice / Strong.

11. Vacations and Inactivity

11.1 Vacations

  • Any player can place the account on vacations, pausing its state and being protected from the other players.
  • To activate the vacations the player:
  • Cannot have units building nor recyclers working.
  • Cannot have their fleets in motion.
  • When activating the vacations:
  • If there are buildings under construction and/or technologies evolving, these are stopped until the vacations are removed.
  • When the vacations are removed the constructions and evolutions are retaken with their time inflated in 10%.
  • All the attack fleets already launched against the player, whose attack happens in less than 5h after the activation of the vacations, will continue with their mission and attack!
  • All the attack fleets already launched against the player that exceed this 5h period will be impeded to attack.
  • Fleets launched against the player already in period of vacations will not attack/spy.
  • The player's production will just be the basic one.
  • In the process of vacations activation, if after introduction of the password exists at least an attack that takes less than 5h that the player does not visualize, a warning will be shown and a confirmation request of the vacations activation!
  • When an account is on vacations, the player cannot access the game (that is, it is only allowed the removal of vacations).
  • The vacations have a minimum duration of 2 days and a maximum duration of 42 days.

  • The request of account removal sets the player's account on vacations for 10 days. However unlike the normal vacations:
  • The player cannot have any building constructing or technologies evolving.
  • These vacations do not block any attack already launched against the player, whether this attack hits in less or more than 5h after the request of account removal.
  • For this reason the player is not warned of fleets that does not visualize, as in the case of vacations activation.

11.2 Inactivity

  • A player passes to the inactive state when 120h pass after the last activity - 5 days (losing the system protections and limit of attacks).
  • When the change to the inactive state occurs, all of the defences and units that the player had, are maintained, defending the account the same way in case of attack.
  • As soon as the player logins again the account the state changes to active, activating all the system protections that the player had before.

  • An inactive player is removed of the game in the following conditions:
  • Just played in the first 2 days of registration, being removed 7 days later (7+2 days in the total).
  • Was inactive for 22 days.
  • Was inactive for 7 days, after the maximum vacations duration expired (42+7 days in the total).
  • When any one of these removals is made the regions of the account in question are eliminated of the system and the player's nickname is changed to Rxxxx (visible in the messages and reports that referred to the former-player).
  • 72h before being removed of the system, the bunkers of the inactive player are deactivated, ceasing to store the resources.

  • A player that request the removal of the account is removed 10 days after this request.
  • During these 10 days the player is on vacations and can cancel the removal process.
  • After 10 days the player's name is changed by the system to Rxxxx, the regions of this account are removed only when the second rule of inactivity is met.

12. Denounces

  • There exist a total of 6 different denunciation mechanisms, at the player's disposal.
  • Each mechanism is adapted to certain situations.
  • These mechanisms should be used with moderation and common sense, being its abuse punishable.
  • The different mechanisms and their purposes are the following:
  • Report IP with more than 5 different shares:
  • It should be used in the case of a public IP that is accessed by more than 5 players.
  • A short text should be written explaining the location and what kind of place it is.
  • A player that denounces an IP and the same is not added to the list of the ignored IPs should not denounce it again.
  • Denounce messages sent by other players:
  • It should be used in case of the infractions described in the point 1 and 2 (mainly in this one).
  • In case of receiving an insulting or provocative message the player should denounce the same and not answer to the provocation. Just the denounce messages are punished and not the ones that originate them!
  • Denounce other players' names, regions, alliances or contents of the alliances:
  • It should be used in case of the infractions described in the point 1 (mainly in this one) and 2.
  • It should not be used for accusations of possible cheats.
  • Denounce with detail players suspicious of using any kind of cheats;
  • It should be used in case of suspicion of the infractions described in the points 3, 4 and 5.
  • The player that makes the accusation should objectively indicate the reason and present evidences to support it as possible.
  • In case the player does not support the accusation, it will be considered that the player abused this accusation mechanism.
  • Report with detail the occurrence of possible bugs.
  • It should be used in case it is suspected that BUG situations happened in the game.
  • The player that reports a BUG should describe it objectively and supply all of the possible and relevant information.
  • In case the player does not fulfil this request, will be considered that the player abused this report mechanism.
  • Payment of Services
  • It should be used in case subscription of services problems or delays happen.
  • Objective indications of the steps taken and additional information that can be relevant in the case of problems with the subscription of services should be provided.
  • Complaints about the subscription of services without any relevant information presented will be considered as an abuse of this system.
  • Any other subjects that have nothing to do with services will be considered as an abuse of this mechanism.
  • All of the accusations are subject to the evaluation and interpretation given by the Administration.
  • For BAN effects, logs of conversations (msn, irc or other) are not accept as proofs. They will only be considered for investigation and in case the infractions are confirmed, the Administration will act in accordance with the rules.

  • The players can use the cheat suspicion and BUGs report mechanisms to transmit messages to the Administration, when previously requested previously by it concerning a reported situation.

  • It falls to the Administration the decision of which sanctions to apply to each case of abuse of this system, due to the immense variety of cases and specificities of each one.
  • Occasional cases of improper use of the accusation mechanisms are normally ignored.
  • Frequent cases of improper use of the accusation mechanisms can be adverted.
  • Persistent cases of improper use of the accusation mechanisms can be punished with a BAN of 1 day with vacations.
  • Recidivisms will be punished with increase of BAN time.
  • Insults / Baseless Insinuations directed to the Administration will be punished with a permanent BAN without vacations.

13. Contacts

  • To contact the Administration on any subjects not broached by the accusation mechanisms, the players should send an email to the following addresses:
  • For General Subjects / Bans / Explanations.
  • For Publicity, Interviews and Accounting (including payment of services).

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