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Terms and Conditions

This article is still under construction!

See also Game Rules, as well as Paid Services' Terms and Conditions!

Terms and Conditions:

  • The Administration reserves de right to change the Rules and Terms and Conditions, at any given time during the course of the game.
  • Such changes are properly announced at a suitable place and it's reading mandatory.
  • All the changes made are applied to all players becoming effective at the date announced in the change notice.

  • System Empires is not yet at it's most complete and stable version, thus bugs can occur, which can hinder or benefit the players.
  • In such cases, the player has no right to complain, to a refund or a restoration of the account to previous time and must report such bugs to the Game Administration.
  • The Administration reserves the right to apply compensating or penalizing measures as sees fit, explaining it's reasons.

  • The Terms and Conditions of paid services are defined here.
  • The Administration will always try to assure the proper functioning of all System Empires' provided services.
  • However, problems which are not of Administration's responsibility will always occur and such does not grant the player the right to complain or ask for a refund.

  • Provocations, insults, innuendos or groundless accusations to and about members of the Administration are not allowed.
  • Public discussions about members of the Administration are not allowed, unless it is initiated by the Administration itself.

  • Presently there is not any kind of advertisement in the game, however that does not mean that it will not exist at all in the future and the user must accept it.

  • The non-compliance of any rule or term and condition can lead to the player's immediate and total exclusion from the game.

  • The disregard of Rules and Terms and Conditions is not a justification for non-compliance.

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