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Section: Services

This article is still under construction!

For prices, payment modes and benefits visit the list of services section in the game!
You should also consult the Game Rules and Terms and Conditions!

1. Free Services

  • Demo Service
  • Service offered to players during their first 10 days of play.
  • Normal Service
  • It contains the whole basis of the game and starts when the newcomer service reaches its end.

2. Paid Services

To help sustaining the game costs (hosting, domains, maintenance) the following services were developed:

2.1 Individual Services

  • Silver Service
  • Gold Service

  • These services are associated with the player's account for which the service is approved.
  • It is not possible to transfer the service to another account.

2.2 Services for Alliances

  • Platinum Service
  • It is associated with the alliance that the player had when the service was approved.
  • If the alliance is removed, the service is lost, and it is not possible to transfer it to another alliance.
  • The acquisition of this service allows the use of the Alliance Chat feature.
  • Any delay or unavailability of this feature is not a motive for adressing a complain.

3. Terms and conditions relating to paid services:

  • The System Empires is a free game, and it is not necessary to resort to any payment to take advantage of it.
  • The paid services only facilitate user interaction with the game, adding many features to its interface, and should not be seen as an integral part of the core of the game.
  • The paid services are optional and its existence does not change the status of free play.
  • Once a paid service is acquired, your payment can not be returned, so the user does not have any right to claim reimbursement of the spent value.
  • If conflicts between users statements and data from payment services (Bank Transfer / PayPal) are detected, it will be only taken in consideration the statement of payment services.
  • If you notice any bug, you should duly notify as soon as possible the Administration.
  • The occurrence of bugs in the features provided by paid services does not give the user any right to claim reimbursement of the value spent.
  • The Administration reserves the right to apply any compensatory measures they find appropriate, exposing its justification.
  • If the user is excluded from the game due to violation of the rules, explicit in the terms and conditions of use, thus preventing the benefit of the paid services, it does not confer any right to claim the repayment of the amount spent.

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