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1. Introduction

  • The Mother Ship is a customizable ship that the player can build using various modules.
  • To build it, access Panel -> Mother Ship -> Construction.
  • Each player may can only have one Mother Ship.
  • The ship is composed of: Structural Basis, Simple Modules and Special Modules.
  • Construction of first level includes Structural Bases level 1 and 1 Fusion Engine Module.
  • There are two limiters on the ship: Energy (generated by Engine Modules) and fields (provided by Structural Basis level).

2. Composition

2.1 Structural Basis

  • The Structural Basis is the main structure that supports the Mother Ship.
  • Its evolution increases the size of the ship, which in turn increases the total number of fields provided.
  • The cost of the Structural Basis doubles at each level.
  • The number of fields and energy increase but at a lower rate.
  • The size class of the ship is calculated like so:
  • Structural Basis Level 1 - Small
  • Structural Basis Level 2 to 4 - Medium
  • Structural Basis Level 5 to 7 - Large
  • Structural Basis Level 8 or higher - Huge or Titan

2.2 Simple Modules

  • All simple modules are caracterized by their price, fields and energy usage/generation.
  • Each of these values are constant per module type.

2.2.1 Engines

  • There are 2 types of Engine Modules:
  • Combustion Engine
  • Fusion Engine
  • The engines are the only modules that provide energy for the ship's functioning.
  • The player can choose what type of engine the ship will use.
  • Both Engine Modules can be built, although only one type of engine can work at a time.
  • For energy purposes, only the selected engine will generate energy.
  • The more engines of the same type, the more energy generated.
  • The more surplus energy there is, the faster will the ship be.

2.2.2 Armor

  • Armor on the Mother Ship is calculated like so:
  • Armor = (Metal_Value * 0.05) + (Diamond_Value * 0.45)
  • The value of the ship is explained below.
  • The Armor Module is used to substancially increase the value of the ship so that it will have a thicker armor and corrosion resistance.

2.2.3 Cargo Hold

  • The Cargo Hold Module will provide a larger cargo capacity for resource and robots transportation.
  • If you have no Cargo Hold Module, the Mother Ship will only be able to store 100 resourse units.

2.2.4 Cannons and Shields

  • These modules are destined for combat usages (attack or defense).
  • The number of cannons of each type that the ship possesses represent the number of shots of that type that the ship will fire per round.

2.3 Special Modules

  • Special Modules do not use fields nor energy, but they have a variable price.
  • Construction time of Special Modules are constant, that means that they will be the same regardless of Hangar and Armament Factory levels.

2.3.1 Special Modules Price

  • The cost of the Special Modules depends upon Structural Basis level.
  • Until they are constructed, each Special Module doubles its price for each Structural Basis Level.
  • When you build a Special Module, the Structural Basis Price increases accordingly to the price of the module.
  • Example:
  • The module costs 5 Nanites (with Structural Basis at 1)
  • After aquisition of the module, the Structural Basis for level 2 will cost 5 Nanites plus.
  • In this way, building a special module with, for example, SB at level 2 and evolve it to level 10 will have the same total cost of evolving the SB to level 10 and then build the Special Module.

2.4 Escape Module

  • This module provides the Mother Ship a means of evaluation and escape of a combat situation.
  • When built, you can configure the module in the main section of the Mother Ship.
  • You can configure a percentage value of 0% (deactivaded) to 90% in steps of 10 percentage points.
  • Once this value is set, the ship will evaluate its damage after each combat round and will withdraw from the combat if the damage is above the set value.
  • Example:
  • Escape configuration for 20% Resistance.
  • On the 1st round the ship had 90% resistance left, thus it stays in combat.
  • Example 1.1:
  • On the 2nd round the ship had 19% resistance left, therefore it will withdraw.
  • Exemple 1.2:
  • On the 2nd round the ship was destroyed.
  • The percentage value refers to the ship's resistance at the start of the combat.
  • Example: if it is at 50% resistance and the value is 30% this will mean that the ship will withdraw when its resistance goes below 15% (and the ship is not destroyed).

2.5 Collection Module

  • This Module enables the Mother Ship Collection ability.
  • When built, you will be albe to send the ship in Collect Missions from the the Collect Section.

2.6 Repair Module

  • This module provides repairing aid when the ammount of damage is small, resulting in a discount in the repairing price of the Mother Ship.
  • Formula: MAX(0, 30% - PERC_DAMAGE)
  • When the resistance of the ship is nearly at 100%, there is a discount of about 30% on the ship's repair.
  • When the resistance of the ship is below 70% there no discount.
  • Instalation of this module is distributed throughout the whole ship, which makes it the most time consuming module to be constructed.

3. Construction

  • Each module has a certain set of requirements that can be consulted in: Panel -> Mother Ship -> Requirements.
  • The Ship may only be evolved in the region where it is stationed.
  • Construction time is calculated by adding Hangar and Armament Factory working rates.
  • To evolve the Mother Ship, both the Hangar and the Armament Factory must be stopped, meaning they must not be building units.
  • When a construction is ordered, the process is displayed in the Hangar and Armament Factory List as a Mother Ship Order.
  • Details of the order are indicated in the section Mother Ship -> Construction.
  • If you cancel the order (either on Hangar or on Armament) you will lose the economy corresponding the percentage already build, always loosing no less than 10%.
  • During the construction time the Mother ship will be unavailable in the following manners:
  • It cannot be used in missions;
  • It will not enter any combats if the region is under attack.

4. Demolition

  • Every Module except Special ones and Structural Basis can be demolished.
  • To demolish a module, you can access the section Mother Ship -> Demolition.
  • In this section only modules that you have will be listed.
  • You can only perform demolitions if the ship is undamaged.
  • Module demolition generates debris that are automatically stored on the Recycler.
  • If the recycler is full, all surplus debris will be lost (meaning they will not hover above the zone).

5. Resistance

  • The Mother Ship is the only ship in the game that can accumulate damage.
  • The higher the damage on the ship, the less resistance it will have.
  • The resistance percentage corresponds the performance of the ship both in combat and in capacity.
  • This means if the ship has 25% resistance, then:
  • Each cannon will fire with 25% of original fire power.
  • Each shield will absorb with 25% of original sbsortion power.
  • The armor and cargo capacity will only be used at most to 25% of their capacity.
  • Repairs on the ship are performed on the Construction section, and will have a cost proportional to the damage the ship has to its price.
  • Repair Module will lower this cost using the above displayed formula.
  • If the ship is damaged, it must be fully repaired in order to build new modules or evolve the Structural Basis.
  • The value of the ship is calculated by multiplying its Resistance with the Total Cost of the ship.
  • Example:
  • Total cost of the ship is 100.000 M and 30.000 D.
  • The ship is at 50% Resistance.
  • Therefore the value of the ship is 50.000 M and 15.000 D.
  • Score associated to the Mother Ship works the same way, this means if the ship has only 10% resistance, then the player only has 10% of the ship's points.

6. Espionage

  • Data about Mother Ship will be displayed throughout distinct sections in an spy report.
  • In the H (Hangar) section, it is displayed whether the player has the ship or not.
  • If the ship is under construction (or a module) the number will be red.
  • In the M (Mother Ship) section:
  • Display of the total cost and surplus energy.
  • Display of Structural Basis, Capacity and Engines used.
  • Display of Weaponry and Shielding.
  • In the X (Hidden) section:
  • Display of the ship's resistance.
  • Display of Escape Module configuration (if installed).
  • When performing a joint defense, the ship's properties can only be seen using a Sensor.

7. Combat

  • The Mother Ship has a special behavior in combat for two reasons:
  • Damage Accumulation;
  • Withdrawal Ability - explained above in Special Modules.
  • Damage accumulation causes its resistance to be updated each round and consequentialy, its performance too (explained above in Resistance).
  • When selecting targets, intelligent selection will occur based on the ship's Nanites value component.
  • If the nanites value component is equal or greater than 5, the ship will have intelligent targeting.
  • To calculate this value, the total cost of the ship is multiplied by its resistance.
  • Intelligent targeting is not updated during combat, this means the ship will retain its targeting behavior throughout the whole combat, regardless of damage.
  • In the combat report it is displayed the initial and final resistance of each Mother Ship, its composition of price, structural basis, capacity and power.

8. Corrosion

  • Because the Mother Ship can become damaged, the corrosion effects are applied to its resistance.
  • Example:
  • Suppose a Mother Ship has a 5% chance of becoming corroded.
  • The ship is at 50% resistance.
  • After the corrosion event, the ship's resistance will be in average with 45%.

9. F.A.Q.

Q: Is there any utility program that provides simulation of Mother Ship's behavior, depending upon its configurations?
A: Yes, it can be found at SE-EXTRAS.

Q: Is there a possibility of starting a Mother Ship with a Combustion Engine?
A: Not at this stage.

Q: If I build a Mother Ship identical to an already existing ship in the game, will I have better results?
A: Such is not to be expected, because this is an custom built and as such has a higher cost. Furthermore, ability to accumulate damage will cause is efficiency to be lower than other ships with the same firepower.

Q: Will there be new special modules?
A: Yes, some other special modules are being prepared for a future release..

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