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Alliance Section

The alliances are formed by groups of players who play together to reach one or more goals, these goals are internal to the alliance and its members. Belonging to an alliance the player has the opportunity to communicate with other members through alliance messages, to receive aid if suffered very destructive attacks, and more.

* Any player can create an alliance.
* Any player can apply to an alliance.
  • As long as the player does not belong to another alliance and fulfils the minimum requirements of the alliance to which the player applied.
* The minimum requirements are set by the administrators of the alliance.

1. Interface and constitution

  • When searching for an alliance, the player can view all the public information of the alliance and apply to it, if:
  • The alliance accepts new members.
  • The player does not belong to any alliance.
  • The player does not have an application pending.
  • The table at the bottom of the page shows the TOP 10 alliances.
  • If you belong to an alliance and click on the name of it you can see all its information, public and private.
  • In case of not belonging to any alliance you can create your own.

1.1 Subsections

In this section, players who belong to an alliance have access to more information than a player without alliance. For these players the information is organized as follows:

2. Smilies

  • To complete or animate the texts of your alliance you can use the Smilies available in the game.

3. Tutorial

You can also consult the Alliances Manual in the game's Forum - Alliances Bible

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