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Alliances: ACS

  • When a player suffers a considerable amount of destruction, he can ask for alliance reconstruction support.
  • In this section you can see all requests for help, approved by the administrator, in the past 15 days.
  • The Alliance Cooperation System (ACS) works through the market.

Ask for Help

  • In order to ask for help you need to meet with the following requirements:
  • Had lost at least 1.000 points in hangar or armament.
  • Had lost at least 25% of the total points you had in hangar and armament (points that you had before the attacks).
  • Meaning that you lost at least 33% of the total points of hangar and armament that you kept after the attacks.
  • The accounting of lost points considers the 3 bigger losses you had in the last 5 days.
  • Choose from which market you want to use to receive the resources.
  • After sending the help request you have to wait for approval from the alliance Administrator.
  • After the request for help is approved, you canít ask for help again in the following 17 days.


  • In order to help a fellow member you need to:
  • Choose one of the requests listed in this section and click details.
  • If you are able to help a fellow member you should click "Help" at the bottom of the page.
  • Send the resources to one of the markets you can access.
  • An amount of credits equivalent to the resources you send will be available for the player that requested the help, who can trade those credits for resources.

  • Every single request for help has a maximum number of credits, this number is calculated by the system and takes into account half of the playerís losses and the ideal ratio.
  • If a alliance member sends the aid to a market different from the one indicated by the player who asked for help, the market will charge a tax for the transport of those resources.
  • Each alliance member can send aid several times through several markets, as long as that aid doesnít exceed 50% of the maximum credits
  • The delivery of resources is made through the market, after the request of the player who asked for help.
  • This player can ask for 3 deliveries, specifying which resources and how many of them he/she wants to receive, each time the player makes a request.
  • A player canít receive aid from players that share his ip address.

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