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Alliance's Chat

1. Introduction

The Alliances' Chat Rooms are available for Platinum alliances since the version 0.743.

The Chat system allow quick message exchanging among the alliance's members, in a fashion similar to the "Instant Messaging" programs.

To learn more about the Platinum service and how to acquire it, read the section Services -> Alliances in the game.

  • If your alliance posses the service, you can now start using the Chat by clicking on the image visible in the Main View.
  • The password required is the same as the one used to access your game account.
  • To configure the Chat's options, you must go to Panel -> Options -> Appearance 2.
  • In the options you can select the height and the place for the opening of the Chat window.
  • In a new tab - option selected by default.
  • In the Main View.
  • In the browser Internet Explorer 6, the Chat must be configured to open in the Main View, for correct operation.

2. How it works

  • When a player connects, he/she receives the last 20 messages of the last 24h.
  • Upon connection, the Chat system "prompts" the server each X seconds.
  • These prompts have the purpose of determining if there are new messages that the player has not received yet, if these exist, these are then received.
  • For efficiency reasons, the X varies according to the latest activity in the Chat.
  • X = 02s, if there was activity in the last 10 seconds.
  • If there was activity (someone wrote) in the chat in the last 10 seconds, then the system prompts the server ever 2 seconds.
  • X = 03s, if >10s and <19s
  • X = 05s, if >19s and <34s
  • X = 08s, if >34s and <50s
  • X = 10s, if >50s and <80s (80s = 1:20)
  • X = 30s, if >80s and <300s (300s = 5m)
  • X = 01m, if >300s and <900s (900s = 20m)
  • X = 03m, if >900s and <3600s (3600s = 1h)
  • X = 05m, if >3600s
  • The value of X of the player can be seen in the Chat window next to the Send button.
  • The value of X for the other players can only be perceived by the color of the image next to the nickname:
  • Green - if X < 15s
  • Yellow - if >15s and <120s (120s = 2m)
  • Red - >120s
  • As an example, if the player ABC is green and someone wrote in the Chat, that member will receive the message within no more than 15 seconds later.
  • The modification of the operation of the timer or X (by means of a script or ways not provided by the chat) leads to permanent ban of the player in the game itself.

3. List of Commands

  • /roll - Returns a random number between 1 and 6 to the chat window.
  • /ref - Resets the player's X to 2 seconds, without requiring that a message be typed.
  • /clear - Cleans the text in the player's Chat window.
  • /quit - Performs the player's logout.
  • /list - Restricted to Administrators, returns the list of the players registered in the Chat.
  • /kick - Restricted to Administrators - Unregisters "Nick" from the Chat.

The command /kick serves the purpose of allowing administrators to expel players that have just been banned from the alliance. If the player expelled from the Chat is still in the alliance, he can start a new session immediately.

4. Smilies

The list of smilies available on the Chat is the same as in System Empires' message system; however they are smaller in size. This list may be consulted here.

5. Sounds

The Chat system posses a sound notification for incoming messages, in case the player is not viewing the corresponding window.
The player can activate / deactivate this sound warning by clicking the loudspeaker image in the chat window.

Framework used to execute the sound file:
mp3 file obtained from:

6. F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Both the main alliance and the recruit posses Platinum, is there a way for the members of the main alliance to participate in the Chat of the recruit?
A: No, not yet.

Q: I have just banned a member from the alliance, but he's still in the Chat, what must I do?
A: Every time that you ban a member from the alliance, you must verify if he is in the Chat's registered members list, with the /list command and if the member is listed, you must expel him with the /kick command.

Q: Who are the Chat's administrators?
A: They are the same as the alliance's.

Q: Is it possible to view the message history beyond the last 20?
A: No.

Q: Can one send private messages?
A: No, however we're considering discussing the subject in the future.

Q: What are the reasons for Chat to sometimes jump to the login page?
A: There are several possibilities: Timeout, Logout (/quit), Expulsion (/kick) or the session has expired (after 8 hours).

Q: Is there a way to submit an espionage report in the Chat?
A: Yes, by using SE-EXTRAS you can upload the report and then place the link in the Chat in less than a minute.

Q: I was only able to submit the message after clicking "Enter" and/or the "Send" button several times. What is going on?
A: The message you are trying to send only disappears from the message input box after the system guarantees that it has effectively been sent. Sometimes, due to delays in the server or other delays, this guarantee is not received immediately and you have to wait a few seconds for the message to effectively be sent. It is unnecessary to click several times.

Q: Why is it that sometimes when I return to the Chat, after being in other parts of the game, this one returned a timeout?
A: Every time you abandon the Chat window for more than 30 seconds, the system assumes that you are no longer participating and may timeout.

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