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Versions History

Version 1.1
Completed at: 18/10/2013
  • Mothership renewed (cheaper, with experience, etc.)
  • Introduction of Rubits
  • Portal integration

Version 1.01
Completed at: 25/10/2009
  • Introduction of the System Coins system (adding value to Campaigns and players who advertise the game)
  • ASKC v0.2
  • Bugs fixing

Version 1.0
Completed at: 18/10/2009
  • Weekly Rest System
  • Introduction of Reference Sections (at Panel)
  • Simulator removed from the game and added data export service to SE Extras simulator (payed services only)
  • Revision of Civilizations (Warrior) and Sensor (prizes)
  • Bugs correction

Version 0.8
Completed at: 18/04/2009
  • Introduction of Civilizations
  • Introduction of Joint Attack and Defense (JAD)
  • Introduction of Mother Ship
  • Introduction of Assisted Collect
  • Introduction of Sensor (0.5)

Version 0.752
Available at System Empires Origins
Completed at: 20/09/2009
  • Name changed from System Empires to SE Origins.
  • Introduction of the temporary ship Raptor.
  • Bomber altered from regular ship to a temporary ship.

Version 0.751
  • Alterations to the Comets
  • Bugs Correction

Version 0.75
  • Game translation to english
  • Review of Comets and creation of a specific panel section
  • Addition of a technology and market service for Interplanetary Jump Gate
  • Chat for Platinum Alliances
  • Workshop Revision
  • New Converter (Created by Carapuca)
  • Game Administration Panel v5

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