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Colonization Vehicle

  • This vehicle allows the territorial expansion on Earth.
  • This means, the establishment of new colonies on Earth.
  • Each colony takes 2 hours to be completed, after the arrival of the vehicle.
  • During this period the player won't be able to communicate with this colony that can be attacked without warning
  • It includes the necessary resources for the formation of a colony and a robot unit to assist.
  • It is a ground vehicle and, therefore, it can only be built on planet Earth.


As Empires expand, the space available in the initial region progressively decreases until the buildings become so close that the only way to prevent generalized riots is the colonization of new regions. To the emperors eager to expand their influence throughout Earth it became obvious the need to occupy other regions.

Thus was created the Colonization Vehicle, the largest ground vehicle ever built. This enormous vehicle carries within the work force and resources necessary to the establishment of a new colony and command post on the Empire. It presents a reasonable capacity, with the possibility of carrying additional resources for the development of the new colony.

It is a vehicle with some autonomy, equipped with weapons and extremely resistant due to it's great size. However, it takes up to 2 hours to complete the new colony. Be cautious about the colonization area, since for those 2 hours of preparation, the colonization vehicle, as well as all the vehicles that accompany it and all the resources are unreachable by the Empire and can be attacked.

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