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FAQ: Buildings

1. I canceled the construction / evolution of a Building / Technology and I did not get my resources back. Why?

R: When canceling any construction or evolution, only a part of the resources is recovered. The percentage of resources lost upon cancelation is the highest value between 10% and the percentage of construction / evolution completed to date. This means there will always a minimum loss of 10% of the resources.
Example 1: Building takes 100 seconds to construct and is canceled at 99 seconds. Only 1% of the resources will be recovered (lost ammount is max between 10% and 99% which is 99%).
Example 2: Building takes 100 seconds to construct and is canceled at 5 seconds. 90% of the resources are recovered (lost ammout is max between 10% and 5% which is 10%).

2. How do I make Zion?

R: Zion is produced in the Zion Factory. You can see the building's requirements in the Requerements Section ingame.

3. On the Observatory I see 5 zones but they are followed, is this a bug?

R: No. The observatory (level 0) shows the zone where the regions is and also shows the zones from the left (west), right (east), up (north) and down (south).

4. What are the letters we see on the Observatory?

R: There are 6 possible letters, which are:
  • P - Protected player, has less than 12 score points, cannot be spied/attacked nor spy/attack anyone.
  • N - Newbie/weak player, cannot be spied/attacked by you and vice-versa.
  • E - Experienced/strong player, cannot be spied/attacked by you and vice-versa.
  • V - Player on vacations, cannot be spied/attacked by anyone.
  • I - Inactive player, does not have any system protection, can be unrestrictly attacked.
  • B - Player banned by the system/game administration, has normal status.

5. How do I speed up building construction?

R: By means of Robots. These can be built on the Hangar and are used to facilitate building consctruction and debris processing by the Recycler. When the building is complete, used Robots are returned to the player.
Robots cannot be looted.

6. I can't construct more buildings, ingame it says I am out of fields. What is this?

R: Each level of each building takes up a Field. In the Overview, you can see how many fields you have left on your region.

7. Materials Technology decreases buildings' costa. What happens to the score gained on their construction?

R: Gained score uses the initial cost, as if there were no technology.

8. How do I destroy levels from a building?

R: Click on the building's image, and scroll down the selected building's page. On the "Demolition of «Building» to level «building's level»", input a number of robots to use for demolition to see how long the demolition will take and click "Demolish".
Demolishing a building will cause the loss of the score gained in its construction.

9. If I demolish levels on the Workshop / Hangar / Armament, do I lose my constructed units?

R: No, you can demolish the Workshop / Hangar / Armament and that will not affect units already constructed..
After demolition, you can check the units at your command in the Empire Section.

10. Why can't I store robots in the Bunker?

Porque é que não consigo guardar os Robots no Bunker?
R: Probably, there is no more room left in the Bunker. Each robot uses up 2.000 space units.
Notice that Robots cannot be looted, so storing them in the Bunker is only usefull when a Comt is falling (No Comets can fall on Earth).

11. After I constructed a Recycler, how do I make it work?

R: If you have Robots allocated, whenever the recycler has wrecks delivered to it, it starts processing immediatly. (To allocate Robots, go to the Collect section and input the necessary data)

12. Can I add Robots while the Recycler is processing?

R: Yes, you can add and remove Robots during processing.

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