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FAQ: Units

This article is still under construction!

1. Can I put more than a vehicle to do?

A: With the evolution of the Workshop the same gains a wait list, consult more information in the article of the Workshop

2. How to make a vehicle comeback?

A: Vehicles are retrograde, and they don’t have any kind of communication. So you can not send them back. (The spaceships contain innovative technology that allows the return of the same.)

3. How do I defend of vehicles?

A: Vehicles can only be combated by the towers (Ulysses and Aquilles made in the Workshop) and other vehicles.

4. Is there construction list in the hangar?

A: Yes, and lets you to add and remove units from the same list. The list of the Hangar is different from the list of Armament.

5. Will I receive all the resources back if I remove cannons or spaceships of the lists of construction?

A: If you remove spaceships or cannons that are waiting to be built you will receive all the resources back.
If you remove the cannon or ship that is under construction you loose a percentage of resources, which is the greatest value between 10% and the percentage of construction done so far.

6. The first line in the constructions list has 10 units, but I just want to remove 9 units on standby. How do I do it?

A: You can select the line and make remove, only the units on waiting will be removed. If you want to remove the unit under construction you will have to remove later.

7. Can the economy reserved in the lists of construction of the Hangar and Armament be stolen?

A: Yes, although being discounted from the region's economy, the economy is only reserved and can be stolen.

8. How do we accelerate the vehicles? And how to make them stronger?

A: The vehicles are not affected by the technology of engines, weapons or armour. Its intent is to be simple and that is why they are cheap.

9. Is there any ship to transport the vehicles?

A: No, currently the vehicles only exist on Earth and therefore it makes no sense to allow transport them to other planets.

10. I don't like the vehicles, what should I do?

A: Evolve and make spaceships (and in a future phase leave the Earth).

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