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FAQ: Concepts

This article is still under construction!

1. I would like to understand better the type of game.

A: The game has several important factors:
Economy or Resources - Are obtained through your production or theft. With them you can evolve technology, construct buildings, vehicles, ships, defences ... In short, the more you have / produce better.
Buildings - Some buildings are Producers, this means, they produce economy. The production despite being shown per hour is updated at every "click" of the player.
For more details about a given building click in the image that corresponds to it.
Technologies - Can be developed in the Laboratory and are like improvements to something existing. Example: the development of the Laser Technology improves the Laser weapons.
Units - Can be Vehicles or Ships and serve, for example, to attack or to transport resources and steal resources from other players.
Armament - Place where the player can make defences (against Ships).

2. I'm new and I feel lost, what should I start to do?

A: You can view a list of 40 steps to Colonization Vehicle.
We also suggest that you read the manual of the game and participate in the Forum to post your doubts.

3. I do not understand the system of addresses of the game, can explain me?

A: The game has 8 planets which are divided into Zones (Zones can be seen as continents). Each zone has 36 regions (Regions can be seen as countries).
The address is constituted by [Planet: Zone: Region].
Each planet has different characteristics (see here) and all players start in a region of Earth.

4. What differs between the vehicles and ships?

A: Vehicles are like tanks, are made in the Workshop, they walk by the earth ground, are antiquated, weak and cheap, being ideal for the beginning of the game.
The ships, as obvious, fly (can travel between planets), are modern and fast and are made in the Hangar.

5. I am always being attacked, what should I do to defend me?

A: The simplest answer is:
Evolve the Bunker building, the resources / economy stored in this building are never stolen, since that you have the building constructed the resources are automatically saved.
Beyond that if the attacks are usually of vehicles you will be able to make Towers, if they are of ships you will be able to make Cannons.

Another possibility is to make transport vehicles / cargo and order them to attack an empty region sending your resources on them. Thus during the journey the resources are safeguarded.

6. Do the ships and cannons destroy vehicles? Do the towers destroy ships?

A: No, are units constructed with different utilities. The vehicles + towers and the cannons + ships are independent systems, never fight each other. Therefore, it is necessary to develop defences against the vehicle and against ships.

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