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1. Is it possible to increase the number of fields?

A: On Earth not, in the other planets exists a method (in the Overview) to increase the number of fields to the maximum that a region of the planet can have (you can see the value associated to each planet here).

2. Can I destroy the main region?

A: Yes. You can even specify in the options which, from the regions you have, you want to have as the main region.

3. What is a Comet? When does it fall?

A: At the beginning of the game it is not relevant because the Comets don’t fall on Earth.
Outside the Earth exists a list of probabilities of falling, a comet falls on average every 35 days. However, as the solar system is big, is very likely that many players will never see one.
For more information consult the manual.

4. What is the corrosion?

A: The corrosion is a property of the atmosphere of Venus. When the ships are in the atmosphere of Venus are in danger of being destroyed.
However, exists 2 immune ships: Armoured Cargo, and Colonization Spaceship.

5. When does the corrosion occur on Venus?

A: This occurs when any kind of mission has as origin or destiny this planet, including movements inside the planet.

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