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FAQ: Missions

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1. Transport and Transfer

1.1 What is the difference in Transport and Transfer missions?

Both missions will send the selected resources to the destination, however the fleet under a Transport mission will return to its origin region after delivery.

1.2 Can I transfer vehicles / ships to a region of mine that has no workshop / hanger?

R: Yes. You can then confirm if the fleet arrived successfully in the sections "Empire" or "Generic".

1.3 How can I trade resources with a friend?

R: It is not possible to trade directly with a player. Only trading with the Market is allowed.

2. Colonizing

2.1 On the planets' properties, we can see that from Jupiter forth, Solar Panels have no yield. How do I get power on those planets?

R: By building the Nuclear Plant or the Energy Producer. The latter only exists on the gas planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

2.2 How can I see if a region is available to colonize?

R: Regions outside your Observatory range can only be seen by means of Market Services.
When using ships to colonize, you can avoid arriving at an already occupied region if you select the option "Search free regions near the destination" in the Colonize mission's properties.

2.3 Can I order a colonization on a region I cannot see?

R: Yes, should the region be occupied, the colonizer will return or will search free regions if that option was taken when launching the fleet.

2.4 What does Colonization Time mean?

R: Colonization Time is the time the player will have to wait until his new region becomes operational, after the colonizer's arrival on destination. This time will decrease with a higher number of colonizers used during colonization process.

2.5 Can I send resources and more ships with the Colonization Vehicle / Ship (colonizer) ?

R: Yes, however, during colonization process (time), the colony will not be contactable and can be attacked. It is up to the player to decide whether to send resources and/or ships and risk loosing them or send the colonizer first and other ships and resources later.

3. Spy

3.1 I cannot spy with more than one vehicle.

The number of vehicles does not affect the outcome, therefore the player can only send one vehicle on spy mission (using probes is another matter).

3.2 What is the difference in spying with vehicles and probes?

R: When using vehicles, you can see the Workshop section, but will not be able to see the Hangar and Armament sections.
When using probes, you can see the Hangar and Armamet sections, but cannot see the Workshop section.

3.3 How can I see if a player has Towers or Cannons?

R: To see if another player has Towers, you need to use a vehicle to spy and you need to see the O section on the report to be sure of the result. To see if another player has Cannons, you need to use probes (ships) and you need to see the A (Armament) section to be sure of the result.

3.4 I spied a player but I can't find the report.

R: The espionage reports are found in the Spy section.

3.5 I spied with vehicles but I didn't get the report when the vehicle arrived on target. What's up?

R: When using vehicles to spy and because they have no communication system, you will only receive the report when the vehicle returns from the mission. Should the vehicle be destroyed, you will not get the report.

3.6 I spied a player but in the report I see all resources at zero. How come?

R: Economy stored in the Bunker is not displayed. Therefore, if no resources are visible on the report, the spied player either has no resources at all, or has all of them stored in his Bunker.

4. Attack

4.1 If I win an attack, how much will I steal? And what is the difference in "Percentage" and "Valuable" steal type?

R: When attacking another region, you can steal a maximum of 50% of each economy type if you have capacity to take it all.
There are 2 types of theft: valuable and percentage. But they only differ is there isn't enough capacity for all economy.

Example 1:
1.000 M and 1000 D on target and capacity for 600 units.
Valuable plunder: 100 M, 500 D
Percentage plunder: 300 M, 300 D

Example 2:
1.000 M and 1000 D on target and capacity for 1.000 units.
Valuable and Percentage plunder: 500 M, 500 D

4.2 I can't attack, I always get a message that the target was protected. What should I do?

R: There are several system protections and before you launch an attack, you should see if the target has: P, N, E or V in from of its player name in the Observatory or in its Profile.

Furthermore there are 2 other protections: one that prevents attacks on players that share the same IP than you (you can check which players are on this situation in the Players' Section -> Shares); the other is the attack limit in the last 24h on the same active player.

Update: as of October 18th, the CIV 1.0 Edition has an additional protection: prevents your attacks on players that have already been attacked by anyone that is on your shares list.

4.3 How many times can I attack the same player in the last 24h?

R: If the player has less than 20.000 score, then he has a higher protection and can only be attacked up to a max of 3 times per each player. If the player has more score, it can be attacked up to a max of 3 times [B]on each of its regions[/b] per each player.
For a better description, see the rules.

4.4 I attacked with vehicles but I didn't get the report at the moment of the combat. What happened?

R: When using vehicles to attack and because they have no communication system, you will only receive the report when the vehicles return from the mission. Should all the vehicles be destroyed, you will not get the report.

4.5 On the Overview I see the vehicles returning from an attack. Does it mean I won?

R: No. Because vehicles have no communication system, it is assumed that they are returning. Only at the estimated time of return will you know if they really returned and whether or not you won the combat.

4.6 How can I access the combat reports?

R: On the Panel section (top of the game's left menu) there is a link which accesses your list of combat reports.

5. Collect

5.1 How can I collect debris?

R: In the Collect section, you can send freighters to harvest debris in the zone where the combat took place.
After harvesting, the debris have to be stored and processed before becoming useful resources. For that you will need to evolve the building "Recycler" and allocate Robots to work on the Recycler.

5.2 If I order my freighters to deliver debris to another region that has no recycler, what will happen?

R: One of the properties of the Recycler is its capacity. When debris is delivered and the capacity is exceeded, the remaining debris will float on the delivered zone. If the Recycler's level is 0, then all of the debris will float on the delivered zone.

5.3 I sent freighters to collect in the same second the combat took place, but I brought nothing. Is this a bug?

R: No. The debris will only become available one second after the combat was finished.

5.4 I attacked a player and a friend of mine collected the debris. How do we distribute them?

R: Whoever collects must, upon fleet launching, select the option to deliver the debris at the Market. The market will provide the debris distribution. If the debris are not delivered to the Market, the collecting player must have all collected debris.

5.5 Can I send freighters in a collect mission to zones that have no debris?

R: Yes.

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