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First Steps

This article is still under construction!

As a new player, the first thing you should look at are the numbers at the top of the page. These numbers indicate the economy in your region. The economy is used to build everything, from buildings to new technologies.

The initial economy for all players is 2,000 units of Metal and 1,000 units of Diamond. With this economy you should start by constructing buildings which will allow an evolution of your empire.

Bare in mind that that if you do not manage the initial resources well, they can easily will be exhausted, leading the Empire to stagnation.

In the beginning you should focus on increasing the production of metal and diamond. To do that, you upgrade mines. However, mines need energy because all buildings that produce resources need energy to work. So before you upgrade the mines, you must upgrade an energy source.

So, the first building you must upgrade are the Solar Panels. To do this, you must click "Buildings" in the left menu then "Upgrade to level 1" in Solar Panels.

Once the Panels are completed, there is enough energy to supply the more basic mines. The next buildings to be upgraded should be the Metal Mine and Diamond Mine.

Thus, at an early stage you should upgrade:
  • Solar Panels
  • Metal Mine
  • Diamond Mine

After buildings have begun upgrading, you will notice that the cost of is deducted from the economy! When the upgrade of the mines is complete you can see in the section "Resources" (also in the left menu) the hourly output of each economy.

At this time, you might have noticed that over time the economy grows in the proportion indicated in the section "Resources". As you upgrade mines (don’t forget the energy supply) the production of economy grows!

After this first phase, you should start the preparations for the expansion of the Empire. As guide for the following phase, the colonial expansion, you should consult the Second Steps.

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