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Available only in the SE CIV edition!

1. Introduction

  • There are 4 different civilizations available, each one possessing an unique set of advantages over the game's baseline.
  • To choose and visualize the advantages of each civilization, in the game refer to the section Panel -> Civilizations.
  • The choice of civilization can only be made when the player surpasses the score of 15.000 points.
  • The choice of civilization is completetely free of any charge.
  • Once chosen, the player can no longer change the civilization to which he/she belongs.
  • When the player reaches the required score, a warning about the choice of civilization is exhibited upon Login.
  • The civilizations to which the players belong are displayed in the espionage reports and players profile.

2. Civilizations

  • Each player must choose the civilization which is more adequate for their intended strategy.

2.1 Mining Civilization

  • Notorious for possessing advantages in the construction of buildings, in the capacity of the Bunker, in a higher recovery rate of damaged defenses and discounts in the exchanges with the Market.
  • This civilization was built for those who invest a lot in buildings and little in attacks.

2.2 Merchant Civilization

  • Notorious for its discounts in the exchanges with the Market and its increased Bunker capacity.
  • This civilization has some similarities to the Mining civilization but is more oriented towards the benefits of using Market.

2.3 Scientist Civilization

  • Civilization with the greatest technology potential, notorious for not only having Cargo and Fuel Technologies, but also for having faster technology research and a Mother Ship capable of having both the Collect and Escape Modules.
  • This civilization was built for those who appreciate good technology ranks.

2.4 Warrior Civilization

  • Civilization which possesses the most fearsome Titan ship in the game.
  • Notorious for a faster hangar production and debris processing and recycler capacity. Allows to see more zones in Observatory and has a discount when using a Jump Gate.
  • This civilization was created of players who appreciate attacks.

3. Advantages Description

3.1 Special Access

  • In this section are listed the technologies/units exclusive to some civilizations.

3.2 Acceleration

  • In this section are displayed the multipliers applied to the time of construction/evolution/processing.

3.3 Capacity Increase

  • In this section is displayed the bonus percentage value given in the capacity of the corresponding building.

3.4 Percentage Bonus

3.4.1 Defense Recovery

  • Display of the percentage value that will be added to the defense recovery value.

3.4.2 Level loss on Comet Disasters

  • In the Buildings' case, the percentage value applies as a decrease in the value of lost levels, example:
  • If with a normal civilization a loss of 10 levels occurred, then with a civilization with 10% bonus a loss of 9 levels will occur (on average).
  • In Defenses' case, the percentage value is added to the recovery rate.

3.5 Increase

3.5.1 Beneficts on Fields

  • The indicated percentage value is deducted onto the evolution cost on fields.

3.5.2 Visible Zone (Observatory Range)

  • The displayed value is added to the Observatory level, increasing its sight rande.

3.6 Beneficts on Market

3.6.1 Discount on trading profit

  • The value displayed refers to the profit of the Market on trading transactions, example:
  • If the Market has 10% profit rate and the discount is 10%, then the final profit rate applied on trading will be 9%.

3.6.2 Discount on the Jump Gate (cost per ship)

  • The value is fully taken from the cost per ship at Jump Gate usage.

3.6.3 Discount on profit rate on assisted collects

  • The displayed value is applied on the profit rate on assisted collects, example:
  • If the Market has a 10% profit rate and the discount is 10%, then the final profit rate applied on assisted collects will be 9%.

3.7 Mother Ship

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