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Section Collect

This article is still under construction!

  • This section allows the management of the debris collected from battles and sending ships to collect that debris.
  • The top table relates to the current state of the Recycler building.
  • It is here that robots are allocated to the Recycler (up to a defined maximum) and it is also here where the maximum Recycler capacity is displayed.
  • The maximum debris and robot capacity of the Recycler is increased with each level of it.
  • It is also in this table where the current ammount of garbage and economy is displayed and also at which rate they are being converted into usable economy.
  • The bottom table relates to the dispatch of cargo ships on Collect mission.
  • You select: the ships that will carry the harvest, the target zone (default is the zone where the Recycler is), the return region (default is the current owner's region*) and the speed percentage.
  • You can send freighters on Collecting mission to any zone of the planet, even if there are no debris.
  • Any player can still deliver the collected debris to the market. Please refer to the Assisted Collects section.

* As of October 18th 2009, on the CIV 1.0 Edition, the default setting for the return region is none, due to the extra feature of Assisted Collects. This is configurable on Panel->Options->Advanced.

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