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Section: Requirements

This article is still under construction!

To see the list of requirements of each building, enter the game and choose "Requirements" in the menu.

  • In this section are the lists of all buildings, researches and units present in the game.
  • These lists are divided by Tabs, being one Tab for each category.
  • For each Tab:
  • On the left side appear all the elements described.
  • At the middle appears the level of the producer building necessary to create that element.
  • Except on the Tab of the Buildings, because the concept does not apply.
  • On the right side appear the additional requirements for that the corresponding element is available to the user.
  • When a requirement is satisfied appears in green, otherwise it is red.
  • If you click the name of the element, in the left column, opens a window with its description.
  • In tabs hangar, armament and workshop there can be a table of temporary units:
  • These units can only be built during a limited period of time witch starts at 00h of the "From day" and ends at 23:59 of the "To day".

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