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Temporary Units

  • Are units (from hangar, armament or workshop) that can be built for a limited period of time.
  • If the construction time exceeds this period deadline, the unit can no longer be built.
  • Once built, the player keeps the units until they get destroyed.
  • In the section requirements one can check:
  • All temporary units that have existed
  • New temporary units in advance of at least 10 days. *
  • Any temporary unit, in the future, can become available again.
  • Usually a unit will be available for construction during a 10 day period.
  • Payed services provide the following advantages:
  • With Gold one can build a unit from 2 days before to 3 days after, witch means a 15 day period [-2, +3].
  • With Silver one can build a unit from the initial date to 3 days after, witch means a 13 day period [0, +3].
  • Construction period starts at 00h of the "From day" and ends at 23:59 of the "To day".
  • The presented days already take player's service into account.

* - Exceptionally, because its the first time, the ship RAPTOR was added to SE ORIGINS edition without the 10 day notice or payed services advantages.

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