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Section: Resources

  • In this section players can manage the rate of production of each resource in a given region.
  • Suitable for when energy is insufficient to power all the buildings.
  • Essential to maximize the efficiency of crucial buildings when there is a power shortage.
  • It is also in this section that the player has access to the configuration of the Bunker.
  • This building has its capacity increasesd at each level.
  • Economy stored in the bunker is never stolen or destroyed.
  • Each robot occupies the same as 2000 units of economy!


  • For the energy display at the line "Total" in relation to the available energy display at the top of the page, there may be 2 situations:
  • Both forms of energy display the same value:
  • There is enough energy to power production according to the percentage set by the player.
  • The "Total" energy displays 0 (zero) and the top of the page displays a negative value:
  • This indicates that there is not enough energy to power production according to the percentage set by the player.
  • So all the energy produced is being consumed, hence the zero.
  • At the top of the page is displayed the missing energy to power production according to the percentage set by the player, hence the negative value in red.

Details: Description of the Interface and its constitution

  • The Resources section is divided into 2 parts:
  • The control of production;

  • The part of production control has the following composition:
  • At the top of the page is the economics of the current player region.
  • The table of production / consumption is composed of:
  • Columns (from left to right):
  • Name of the building (click to get its description) and the actual percentage of production;
  • Hourly production or Consumption;
  • The desired percentage of production (selectable by intervals of 10% or directly by clicking on'+').
  • Rows (from top to bottom):
  • Base production, with no additional mining operations;
  • Buildings that affect the economy consumption and/or production;
  • Number of solar satellites and their production.
  • Hovering the mouse cursor on the number displays information on the energy generated by each satellite with and without Energy Technology bonus.
  • Total hourly production / consumption for each economy.
  • The "Save" button stores the percentages set and re-calculates the production / consumption based on those percentages;
  • General commands:
  • To stop all production, setting all percentages to 0%;
  • To start all production, setting all percentages to 100%;

  • The management of the Bunker has the following composition:
  • Level of the Bunker and its full capacity;
  • For each storable economy in the Bunker:
  • Percentage that you wish to save;
  • Choosing 0 percent will cause the selected economy to be ignored even if there is spare capacity after storing other economies.
  • Actual amount saved;
  • Actual percentage saved.
  • By clicking te "Save" button, percentages set are stored the ammount of stored economy is re-calculated based on those percentages.

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