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Alliances: Administration of Ranks

This section is only available to the administrator of the alliance and
to members whose privileges include administration.

  • Here you can define several ranks. These ranks can be based on player's score or defined manually.
  • The ranks based on the number of points are automatically assigned to the players that score above the minimal number defined for the rank, and below the number of the next rank (if that is the case).
  • The other ranks are defined manually, selecting the player from the member list.
  • If the player has access to members activity, he will be able to see the activity of all players within the alliance.
  • The access to the Map allows the player to see a section, which has a representation of all allies’ colonies throughout the solar system. The colonies of the players that don’t have access to the map will not figure there.
  • By default players don’t have access to the administration panel, players activity or map.
  • By default the administrator can’t see the map.

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